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GMH Shop Coins
« on: April 17, 2019, 06:53:59 AM »
I think the new change to shops is cool because it makes coins more scarce. Needed to happen! But, I think there's something else to consider.

GMH shop coins should have some kind of coin regeneration rate that other shops don't.

GMH shops have revenue sources that indie shops may not, and transportation costs to factor to acquire that additional revenue.

Our Arm PC economy is disproportionately represented by weapons and armor, so let's consider Salarr. They have access to markets that smaller merchants would not, so it would makes sense for their shops to purchase more goods than what's sold in many cases.

Salarr additional revenue sources:
  • Selling arms to other merchant houses to outfit hunters and guards
  • Selling arms to Noble houses
  • Selling arms to tribal groups
  • Repairing weapons and armor
  • Outfitting mercenary groups
  • Selling arms to Allanak's Templarate and military!

Prices should reflect that it should be cheaper for Salarr to buy a used obsidian sword from someone who wanders into their shop in the bazaar, move it to their warehouse and then sell it in bulk to military and paramilitary organizations.

Red Storm is a great example of opportunity afforded by buying power and infrastructure. Buy weapons off all the outlaw raiders, crafters, and hunters that live there and can't access the Allanak market for dirt cheap, pay the transportation costs to get them to 'nak and elsewhere, and sell them to merchant houses, noble houses, armies and mercenary groups at high margin.

All this to say. Shops having limited coins is great, but GMH's should have everyone by the nuts due to their market access and purchasing capital. Buying shit from desperate folk at greatly reduced prices off the street and selling it for slayer margins elsewhere. And, GMH shops shouldn't be limited to the simple equation of coin available to buy = coin that's come in from goods sold, they should have more coin in with which to strangle the market with.

Instead of simply limiting our PC's ability to sell an item because shop's are out of coin, let's go with that icky feeling of knowing you're PC is getting ripped off. THAT's Armageddon.