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Current Staffing Teams
« on: April 06, 2019, 02:09:14 PM »
As some of you have been asking, and indeed we forgot to post (Sorry about that) - Here are the current teams.

Producer Team:
    Nessalin, Nathvaan, Brokkr

Great Merchant House Team:
    Admin: Akariel Storytellers:  Emme, Parabellum, Cizin

Southern Team:
    Admin: Rathustra Storytellers:  Caerus, Caverin, Draugr, Xolotl

Independant Team:
    Admin Shabago Storytellers:  Shalooonsh, Arilou, Aromit, Ayomai

    Hestia, Katima, Mordiggian, Yashi
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