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Polite merchanting
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This isn't a discussion of what taverns are and aren't, so I'm only saying this once and not debating anything unless it's in another thing..

Taverns aren't clean, period. Specially in a world where even where water is common it's RARE. Not only does sand get every where, people track in various other things, like animal crap and everything else. Then there are LOTS of people eating(Or should be but the prices don't match up), and even the neatest people aren't as tidy as today, standards are WAY different.

I see very few, acctually, let me rephrase that, I don't see any public places being a nice tidy place in Armageddon. Even with the perty marble and the WONDERFUL tiling. It's not like the shut down every day for 16 hours and have that time to clean, the places would be open pretty much solid 24/7. Some places may be cleaner then others yes, but I don't see any place being spotless and shiny, have you seen those people up north? Just barbaric, wearing animal hides and bones and dancing about in GREEN stuff and those animals, wait those are their woman, well their women AND animals all over the place, then the more normal mutants...

And I think someplace like Sanctuary is cleaner, BECAUSE it's marble, have a half giant hold all the tables and a quick sweep of a broom can clean alot up, but I don't see wood chips or abit more sand really making a difference, even if they were chopping a big log. Now, the NOISE from chopping up that log, and the log itself taking up room, might annoy some people, but don't see it as the mess is a big deal.
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Re: The First Principle of Capitalism is GREED
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Quote from: "naatok"
Well, I've always wondered why more merchants/crafters aren't trying to sell their goods to pcs instead of to code-driven shops.
 There are npc peddlers shouting out 'Get your desert supplies here, before they run out!'  and stuff like that.  Why not pcs as well?  I would love to see a bunch of pcs, merchants and customers alike, haggling it out in the bazaar instead of just getting everything from a licensed shop.
 All you independent merchants out your tokens of merchantilism and get busy, ya'll.  Let's turn the Bazaars, Emporiums and other such places on Zalanthas into bustling centers of the 'wheel 'n deal:

 I have a lumberjack who yells all the time that he has logs for sale and sometimes i get customers. but i agree with you, tehre should be more of this


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Polite merchanting
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Quote from: "Dan"
I mean, the place has marble floors and shit, its a nice place. I don't think you should see people making a mess in there by dragging logs through like I have seen, or chipping away at their shards of obsidian. Its a better kept place.

If there's shit on the marble floors a few wood chips shouldn't be a big problem. In fact, wood chips might make the shit less of a slipping hazard.
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Polite merchanting
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As far as bellowing merchantly stuff, I don't usually get much of a response from it. Well, unless that response is a reprimand from the nobility or templars for it. You know, that's encouraging.