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Bandage changes/nerfs
« on: March 15, 2019, 07:19:26 PM »
You assess a salve-covered bandage... is primarily made of cloth.
...can be worn around the neck.
...can be worn on the torso.
...can be worn on the head.
...can be worn on one's legs.
...can be worn on one's hands.
...can be worn on one's arms.
...can be worn on the wrist.
...can be worn around the ankle.
...can be worn on one's forearms.
...can be worn about one's throat.
...can be worn on the shoulder.
...can be worn on the trunk.
...can be worn on the pelvis.
...might be used as a bandage, although it's quality may be beyond your skills to fully utilize.
...appears to be of a pristine quality. is very light.

Manipulation skills
bandage                       (master)

Prior to my recent break, I could utilize these to receive a "masterfully" bandage effect and could utilize them fully.

Now, I get "sloppy" and can no longer use the bandages fully.

I am rather confident, I am skill capped, or was. Has the BANDAGE skill been changed, the class cap changed, bandages changed, or what is happening, here?
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Re: Bandage changes/nerfs
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We cannot answer questions about your character or IC actions in Ask the Staff. Please submit a request so we can look into the matter.