Author Topic: Its Byn good, but how about one more role call?  (Read 573 times)


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Its Byn good, but how about one more role call?
« on: March 10, 2019, 06:29:20 PM »
There's some perks to the gig...

Say inspiring things to Runners!

Or don't.

Or do!

Maybe you have a compelling story of how you climbed the ranks and earned your second stripe!

Stack dem coins!

The T'zai Byn mercenary company is looking for at least 1 new pair of arms to wear the second stripe of a Sergeant. The only coin you care is about are the ones in your pocket or the ones about to be. A competitive market in a world that deals in blood as often as water.

If you're interested in this role, please consider the following:
The company needs someone with strong playtimes!
You do not need leadership experience.
Communication is great, regular reports are expected.
I need someone who is willing to be proactive, go out, and do things. Be imaginative and I'll put in the same efforts in return.

All I Need From You:
A name for your character.
A description for your character.
A background for your character.
How you can see yourself handling the above qualifications.
Your usual playtimes.
Any plots, plans, or ideas you might have for the role.
A kitten, preferably as adorable as it is deadly.
20 dollars.

Let's make this a short one, offer expires on March 16th 2019 at midnight!


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Re: Its Byn good, but how about one more role call?
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