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The Azure is Yours!
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Tradition, formality, lineage. Your blood is azure and black. Ever since you were a child you were taught to be proud of that - proud to the point of vanity.
You know that slowly-cooked revenges are more savory than mindless, planless moves. You know that appearances, titles, formality, grandeur are all the
recipe to what has made your House an Upper Tier one.

Your House is Oash.

We are opening a noble spot for House Oash. This is your opportunity to enter a political scenario which is active, get plots moving, and hopefully contribute to keeping and improving the status quo of one of the most respectable Houses of Allanak. This is what we will be scanning in the applications:

  • Understanding of the Documentation of the Clan: House Oash has a rich documentation and a set of attitudes that generally tend to run through all its members. While we accept deviations with justification, it is important that you understand how the House works. You may request documentation access to be able to skim these documents in case you'd like.
  • Decent playtimes and an interest to play the role for the foreseeable future.
  • An interest to provide weekly character reports for us - and keep us in the loop of what is going on with your characters, what plots you have, and generally work with us to make sure that your portrayal of the role is supported.
  • An interest to create plots of which ever nature. I'd like you to outline what kind of plots you have in mind. Bear in mind that I understand and accept that these plots might not be the ones you will end fulfilling, but I'd like to at least know which way you're going.
  • A grasp of politics, the formality of House Oash, etc. It's a House with a lot of demand on etiquette.

What I can promise to you is...
  • A realistic, responsive gameworld to your actions,
  • Support for your plots and plans through animations and what not,
  • And much more!

So bring it on! We're closing applications this Sunday 3rd of March, 2019. Send me the name of your character, the short description, mdesc, background - and an outline of plots, personality, or anything else you'd like to mention.
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