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Under the Bloody Moon's Light
« on: February 12, 2019, 09:57:54 PM »

I have a need for some players.  Some players of a particular nature.  Outside of the box thinkers.  Players who are looking for something just a little different.

Veteran players, who maybe have been looking for something to scratch that certain itch that can't be found anywhere else in the game.  Mid Level players who kiiiinda wanna try some thin new things, because maybe the comfort zone is now well worn, but they aren't sure about stepping into a bigger set of boots moccasins. New players who just haven't found that certain niche, and think they can be among the quick instead of the dead.

I have had a project, for quite a while.  I've been working on it.  For those of you that know me, and my particular projects, you can be sure of one thing:

It involves ears.

Ears of a kind that aren't seen often on Zalanthas, yet of a shape that is ubiquitous.  Ears that not just any normal player can handle.  Ears that strike certain visceral emotions into the hearts of those solo adventuring players when they encounter them in the deep wastes.

Ears of this type have, in fact, had a camp before in game.  This camp was removed for... shall we say reasons?  We shall say reasons.  These ears may not have drifted out of memory, but they have drifted out of sight.  You know, history became legend, legend became myth, and yadda yadda. 

But there, upon the far horizon, silhouetted by the hot, unyielding sky, these ears rise again.  Do you have what it takes to wear them?  Can you do them justice as desired, nay, deserved by such a storied tribe?

If so, send me your applications.  A lucky few will be chosen.... and the hunt shall begin.

1:  Good account notes.  I will not accept anyone who has a history of spilling secrets.
2:  Decent play times, this doesn't need to be solely on peak, I'm fine with off peakers.
3:  I need to know that you will adhere to the docs.  With tribes, documentation is key, it is not negotiable.  With opening a tribe, it is pivotal. 
4:  Reporting.  Bi-Weekly.  This is non negotiable.  I don't care if you aren't a leader.  For at least the first month or two, I'm going to want to know everything that's going on and make sure that any questions are answered quickly and thoroughly.  As things get settled, and I know you have a solid grasp, I'll take the eye of Sauron off you a wee tad ;)

What I need:
1:  An elf application.  Elf.  Application.  Name, preferred SDESC.  MDESC if you want.
2:  A personality attached to that elf application, with some references to how your elf grew up, their family, and how they view the world.
3:  Goals.  Desires.  Phobias.  Drives.  Needs.  Addictions.
4:  As much detail as you feel comfortable with.  As per #5, some things will need to change, but I am looking for what you would like to play, and how it may work with this tribe.  We've got a lot of latitude with this, so don't be afraid to put any desires in there.  Want to play an exiled northern elf?  I can work with that.  A throat-slitting Red Storm runner?  Put it in there.  Let me know what you want, and we'll see what works out.
5:  An open mind to changing any physical and some possible some mental characteristics once I release the full details of what you'll be doing to you.
6:  Submit your application under Role Request and clan it to Unclanned.  If you have any special hoodiedoodies in there, make sure to let me know in your original request, and we can work some things out.

Please get your app in by February 20th.  I'll get back to you by then with who I'm picking, and there will be some back and forth to make sure everything is nice and polished as a concept!  Looking forward to seeing all those gorgeous apps!
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