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Arm Skill Chooser
« on: January 13, 2019, 10:47:15 AM »
Inspired by RunnerScrab's Arm Class Calculator, I made a page where you can choose a selection of skills, and the page will tell you what class/subclass combinations you can choose to get those skills.


You decide you want to play a hunter that goes into the city at night to entertain all the city girls with card tricks. You choose ride, skinning, sleight of hand and hunt (wilderness). You also play offpeak, so you decide to throw in Wilderness quit and spear making for some solo play. To get all that, the page says you need to play an Adventurer, with either a Bard, Con Artist or Thief subclass, (or if you have karma to spare, Cutpurse, Majordomo or Minstrel). You can then click through to see what each of those combinations gets, and decide which one you like more for your character.

The page is up here, if you want to try it yourself: If you want a local version for some reason, you're welcome to download it here.

Much like RunnerScrab's one, I had to enter all of these by hand, so please tell me if there are any mistakes, or if anything is missing so I can fix it! <3
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Re: Arm Skill Chooser
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This is really nice work! Well done and thank you. <3
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Re: Arm Skill Chooser
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I really love this. I haven't taken time to really explore all the possible variations of options yet. I basically looked for a rangerly type who could listen and scan in and out of cities, who also had at least some ability to craft things that might provide a hobby, or a trader's alliance with others.
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Re: Arm Skill Chooser
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I like it.
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Re: Arm Skill Chooser
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Ooh, nifty! Thanks for sharing this. :)


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Re: Arm Skill Chooser
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This is well done. There's been some exceptional tools created for the game recently, and you've made a very worthy addition to that collection.
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