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Re: Magickal Spook Factor
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You never know if something cool will happen in the game because of something someone here said. That's always worth chewing the fat, I think.
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Re: Magickal Spook Factor
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I really like the idea of a dedicated magick staffer.  I am aware that this is a low-fantasy setting, but the aspects of magick just don't feel present for any of my PCs including magick users. Full stop. I've had more echoes about the weather than the things which are supposed to inform magicker play like strange dreams or instinct (or whatever reason a witch comes up with to justify their sudden understanding of spell X). It'd be excellent to see those actually placed into game and magick plots ran separately from your AOD plot. Also it'd be interesting to possibly put manifestation into a third party's hands. Maybe your rukkin manifests on some random Ocandra instead of the Deus Ex Machina crap where you get some magickal boon when you exactly need it (because it's suddenly convenient to the player).
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