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What Did You Get for Christmas?
« on: December 31, 2018, 11:51:22 PM »
I bought coffee from Lifeway, a brand called Kingdom Growers and a flavor called Nations Blend. It was actually pretty good, considering its their only grocery item.

Its after Christmas, but I went ahead and splurged on When Marnie was There (its the studio Ghibli film that I'm most interested in seeing) and got a big skein of black Red Heart yarn today. I asked if I could get Stardust Crusaders as well (don't have it yet) as I'm severely uncoordinated and my tablet would look like its been through a car crusher if we didn't have soft floors. This makes me want to run everything I get by my family. I'm probably trying too hard. That's what Asians do, though. You can't be Asian and not be exhausted by 8 p.m.

(There's a knitted blanket described in Bioshock as being red and black, in the radio file where the singer who hates Andrew Ryan is assassinated, so I'm going to make that.)

I got Circe! I remember reading a page of it and getting hooked. I think Circe is the goddess on that island who entraps Ulysses for a year to stay with her when he's searching for the Golden Fleece. I'm about to see if I'm wrong.
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