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I need YOU for House Kurac! This rolecall is for one (1) Kurac Family Member. Anyone interested, please send in your apps!

What I need from you:

Basic description and biography of your proposed character
* This is fairly wide open and allows for a lot of flexibility but you'd be first and foremost, human, and (in all likelihood) not horribly mutated.  Your background would be that you were raised by your house family and led a pretty privileged life, learned to speak as well as read-write cavilish, and beyond that - up to you!

* Anything you want that's mundane. (You can't secret-gick. Sorry not sorry.)

Goals you would like to pursue in-game
* Pretty open-ended here. One major thing, as a sponsored role your primary duty is to recruit and coordinate other players' activities to achieve your own goals.  Anyone who can emphasize this leadership aspect has an edge.  Having your own personal dealings and solo interactions is well and good but we really need people willing to step up and be the "face" of an organization.

Rough playtimes - how much and how often you anticipate being able to play
* Being around and available when other players are playing is key; as mentioned above, your primary job is to get other players involved. I'd like you to have decent playtimes but they can be peak or off-peak.

If interested, please send in a "Role Application" request via the Request Tool with the above info, and assign it to House Kurac, please!

I will close this rolecall down on December 10th. (half a week from today) 

P.S. I'm sick so please excuse my lack of extra-cool photos. You know, the cool pictures of dusty people smoking pipes with a whore on each lap!

P.S.S. I edited this to reflect half a week because 1) I'm impatient and 2) I'm impatient.
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It's the 10th! This is now closed. Thank you for everyone who was interested and sent in apps! I will get back to you today. :)