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What podcasts are you into right now? Which ones would you recommend?

I've listened to a few DnD podcasts and they are my favorite type. This is Gonna Hurt has a complex storyline almost from episode, 4? And they used to have one called the Divine Liturgy of the Hours but I think its gone now. That one is made by the Catholic Church, to 'fulfill the Lord's precepts to pray without ceasing' and used to update several times a day with prayer episodes.

The funniest and most entertaining DnD podcast I've listened to is Drunks and Dragons. The people you spend an evening with really color the flavor of the evening.

One I've listened to that is all girls is Dames and Dragons, although I didn't really care for the way the plot veered off. Its a good plot and has moments of struggle, the characters aren't labeled as invincible, but I wish that the one disaster early on hadn't occurred. Also, Corbin is the best DnD character in a podcast I've seen.

I'm a Republican, but I like 'Women belong in the House.' Its a podcast about the record number of women that were running for the midterm election this year, white women and women of color and how they're trying to get elected and make things better. Its kind of nice to find a left-wing podcast I can listen to and also agree with part of the time.

Planet Money is still one of my favorites, as well as How I Built This. They deal with anything about economics, and how businesses started up, respectively. The latter one is probably named for one of Obama's slip-ups, 'You didn't build that,' which will annoy republicans until the end of time, but the podcast itself is not political at all. Planet Money is also only interested in topics relating to the economy, although I've seen a few episodes listed with 'Trump' in the name like 'The Trump Indicators.'

The best yarnwork podcast I know of is Never Not Knitting. I could go on forever about podcasts. I'm hoping to find a nice one about technology and/or Big Tech soon.
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Re: Podcasts
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I almost exclusively listen to D&D podcasts. Although I've watched every episode of Critical Role, I also have listened to the podcast at least two full times. I also listen to the podcast of Chris Perkin's Dice, Camera, Action. And finally, rounding out my top 3 is Aram's Godsfall.

Now other D&D podcasts I listen to sporadically is Pork Fried Dice, Adventure Exe, Highrollers: Aerois, This is Gonna Hurt, and Venture Maidens.
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Re: Podcasts
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I listen to a lot of Chapo Trap House and Welcome to Night Vale.

Chapo is a lefty podcast once described by Glenn Greenwald as follows:
"The raucous dirtbag hilarity of the Chapo crew sometimes masks the fact that they reliably provide some of the most incisive, sophisticated, and thought-provoking political analysis found on any platform."

The Federalist called them intolerant vulgarians. Your mileage may vary.

Welcome to Night Vale is a long-running short podcast. It's delivered in the format of a 30 minute radio play from the fictional town of Night Vale. I would describe Night Vale as the town from Courage the Cowardly Dog with a little bit of Lovecraftian cosmic horror comedy.

I also listen to LA Podcast every now and then. They do really good analysis and investigation into various civic/public issues and institutions in Los Angeles.
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Re: Podcasts
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Why has no one mentioned the Adventure Zone, yet?

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Re: Podcasts
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Last Podcast on the Left. Cults, aliens, serial killers. Hosts are obnoxious but hilarious and they take their research seriously.

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. Carlin is the man. Massive rambling but fascinating history lectures.

Joe Rogan, if he has a guest I care about.

I used to listen to Sword and Scale until the host outed himself as a hideous bigot and unapologetic pervert
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Re: Podcasts
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Critical Role in most every form.
I used to listen to the Nerdist Podcast, but like many, it depends on the guest.
Same for Armchair Expert and Marc Maron's podcast.

I also like to listen to Matt Colville and Patrick Rothfuss talk about damn near anything.
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