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Data for Custom Craft Items
« on: November 23, 2018, 09:00:45 AM »
Hey guys,

So there's been a lot of talk about custom crafting lately, especially in relation to the heavy merchantile guilds.

On average, how many custom craft requests do you guys create in a month?  Out of those, how many are indie crafts, and how many are from players in clans?

I feel like it's hard to talk about whether there should be fewer restrictions of custom crafting without knowing what sort of workload you guys are having to deal with.

Bear with me


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Re: Data for Custom Craft Items
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2018, 05:08:25 PM »
It varies widely depending on who is playing what.

Some players will (when possible) submit a custom craft as often as possible.  I feel like if we let these people submit one custom craft every 2 hours, they would do so.

Some people do them very infrequently, while they are in a position to do them every 30 days.

If people from category 1 are playing mercantile types, then yes we get a ton of them.

The primary problem with custom crafts is that many of them are moon shots and need to be toned down, are written poorly, aren't thematic for some other reason, etc.  I think the admin/producer types like me would like to see fewer "bling" custom crafts and more everyday item custom crafts made from normal materials.  This is reflected in that we semi-recently renamed "mastercrafting" to "custom crafting" because let's face it, this world is primarily inhabited by people who shouldn't be walking around all blinged out like a pimp from Atlantic City.

I would rather review (and approve) four:

sdesc: "a bone-hafted axe"
ldesc: "An axe has been crafted from a length of bone and left behind here."
mdesc: "Simply designed, this axe is crafted from nondescript bone, lashed together with lengths of worn leather."

type items than one "a bejewelled, sawtooth-edged, horror-carved greataxe" (with equally overdone long and main descriptions)

...but unfortunately we get more of the latter category.  Yes, there is a place for this sort of item out there (somewhere) and likely in the hands of nobles, champion gladiators, and that sort of thing, but most of us should be running around in ragged clothing and shanking each other with sharpened femurs.

So, to answer your question - it feels like 100 because so many of them are in the above category.  In reality it's less.  But it does vary a lot depending on who is playing what.