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Re: Off-peak gathering place pings
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Take it easy guys (I don't see any problem in starting posts.  I wish I did it more often myself).  "Pings" are a controversial idea and probably hard to get traction with, but you never know.  It's interesting to think about.

Another angle on this: in the past I know there have been unofficial "off-peak" clans that arise organically, like some kind of cellular automata where off-peakers gather under one flag.  Maybe an unforeseen effect of eliminating Salarr/Kadius's hunting units has been to hinder off-peakers' ability to glom together within the structure of a clan.

There are a few new clans that seem friendly to off-peakers (the Garrison, the Dust Runners) -- so this is something off-peak leaders could think about.  But maybe more could be done there.
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Re: Off-peak gathering place pings
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I like Brokkr's idea, actually, mostly because I love living in outposts but often have to choose between long periods of work that don't end for a while or going 15-18 rooms to check on tavern pops.
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