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Re: Lamest Deaths?
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My Lamest might actually be my most memorable death, and came more as a result of my sticking to roleplay than the code. Such a tough choice!

Had a character named Jadara in the early-mid-2ks, made her way up through the Wyverns to Lieutenant, had this lovely little life going on, and was co-lead of the expedition to Luir's following the mantis takeover (though we didn't know what it was initially). We got to Luir's with the Byn and sniffed around a bit before this MASSIVE mantid ambush overwhelmed us. Jadara abused her love of shields to help hold off the attack while most of the party got back to the wagons. Beaten and bruise, she makes it back to the wagon before an arrow strikes her in the neck and knocks her to 1 damage!

Somehow, we got away with only a few deaths from new characters (sorry!). Jada is played up as having a broken arm from the ordeal and having her shield ruined in the fight. All wrapped up from arrow wounds, etc. And less than a few in-game days later, the new noble in the House decides to send her out to destroy a spider hole, despite her protest of being Really Badly Messed Up. Long story short, spider holes were no joke, and I took her there and refused to use her shield, via her arm being broken. She ended up getting mauled while saving the other Wyverns, and few Byn on the trip (save that first runner that got hit by ALL the spiders, sorry! XD), when I'm more than confident the shield would've been enough to get her to safely flee.

Was my first character in the area of 100 days, so I was super attached and extremely bitter about it for a long time. Looking back on it so far now, I like the idea that she had balls the size of a mekillot's.

Wrong thread. This is lamest deaths. Not amazing deaths. ;)

Thanks for sharing this. Pretty rad story.


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Re: Lamest Deaths?
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Come to think of it, my lamest death probably was as a Drovian. Attacked in UnderTuluk and was faring very badly. Went ethereal to escape, but the assailant still kept landing blows! *beep* Welcome to Armageddon.

At least the corpse was ethereal (I assume) and the fecker couldn't loot it.  ;D
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Re: Lamest Deaths?
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I killed an invisible Whiran once after attacking the blur and when they die the magick fades off them, or it used to.
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Re: Lamest Deaths?
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Both of my lamest deaths were by Templars.

-Be a special apped Irofel bard exiled from Tuluk
-Become Arena champion, when commoners had Arena tournaments, defeat Gage Gritshaw
-Become a Byn Sergeant, promoted from Runner
-Feud with my former Sergeant
-Challenge him to a fight to gates outside of Tuluk
-Beat him, by pulling a Jack Sparrow, disarming and grabbing his weapon
-Get kicked out of Byn by Imms even though there are no witnesses
-Go back South after pleading in vain for the Circle to let me back in
-Hatch a scheme to kidnap the granddaughter of Irofel's masterbard's grandchild which is an actual NPC
-Go back to Nak to scheme, getting ready to become an epic raider as a super powerful warrior in the game
-Get stopped by a Templar
-Get pulled into a room for questioning
-Honestly have no idea IC or OOC what's going on
-Get attacked
-Run away, kill 4 NPC soldiers, even two at a time
-Get thrown into the arena, defeat all thrown at me
-Almost even defeat the mul
-Imms animate other templars, like hey maybe this person is useful enough to not kill?
-PC templar stills says no
-Send in Gaj

Still no idea why I died, and annoyed I didn't get to go on that raider, rampage, revenge plot.

-Bo is a gambling addict
-Bo gets the feels for Sergeant Raul in the Byn
-Bo one day gets exiled from a southern Templar for literally no reason I can understand
-Bo flees to the north, keeps up a relationship with Sergeant Raul, gets knocked up
-Bo meets up with Raul and Byn crew, at a spooky cave, with a spooky person in it
-Bo and crew get WRECKT, due to [redacted] Bo instantly ends up in a chasm... some where
-Everything goes down, there is a rescue crew running through the forest chased by halflings
-There is a giant creature coming to visit
-Imms are dropping hallucinations as Bo begins to die of thirst
-Bo is visited by spooky person who leaves her to die then vanishes
-Rescue team is repelling down the chasm, shoving water down Bo's throat as they all clamber to safety, huge creature in pursuit
-Indiana Jones moment, running pursued by halfings through the forest
-A beetle is devoured, run, run, run - leave it behind
-Escape, safe at last!
-Spooky magicker torments Bo, trying to rip her through time and space - in Tuluk this is a problem
-Literally next day RL after this event, I casually log on in the middle of the night to see if Bo's adopted PC son is online since I hadn't seen him in awhile
-Get nabbed by Templarate for spooky happenings
-It is now wee hours of morning, I have work next day - keep saying OOC I can not stay on as I am being interrogated, but Templar acts like they'll keep Bo alive
-Character is executed by the Templarate one RL day after epic rescue
-It is now 10 am and I am using a half-day of PTO at work and my character is dead

The only other I can think of?  One time I had a character I liked try to kill a carru.  Reel is a heck of a skill.
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Re: Lamest Deaths?
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All of the deaths that I have had that I consider 'lame' are the result of weird code interactions. The code has murder-corrupt-betrayed me far more lamely than any coordinated PC action ever has.

As an example:

Attack of opportunities trigger on a successful flee. They do NOT trigger on your target departing the room. So if your target attempts to flee to an exit that is too small for them, or has a climb check that they fail, the AOO occurs and you get a free hit and they're still in the room with you.

This would only be a small problem if they were considered out of combat with you after this, and could choose an appropriate exit while you were in kill delay, or reattempt the climb a few times before your delay clears. However, AOOs that resolve with the target still in the room with you re-engage combat, meaning that if you're in the room with someone after a successful flee, you're not disengaged. You cannot simply type a different exit, you have to flee again.

And take another AOO. Until you get an exit you can fit through or pass a climb check, you're infinitely engaged and taking a boosted hit every time you try to exfiltrate the situation.

This became very relevant to me when my 4 day old PC lacking climb fell into a hole, the only way out of which was a single exit that was a climb. Sadly, a dujat worm had at some point also fallen into that hole. Cue 10 successful flee attempts and 0 successful climb attempts, and 10 AOO rengaging me over and over looping the situation until I was dead.

The only lameness I've ever had that involved other PCs was never the fault of those PCs. It's more code stuff that pivots PvP conflict in Arm away from titanic extended duels to the death and into one-hit-kill gotchas.


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Re: Lamest Deaths?
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Crim code smuggling spice through the gates and a mistyped button on an otherwise highly successful criminal. The death was so crappy and accidental I remember Quick even messaged me to try and get me straight back in via special app but of course that's a big no.
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