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Re: Lamest Deaths?
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My Lamest might actually be my most memorable death, and came more as a result of my sticking to roleplay than the code. Such a tough choice!

Had a character named Jadara in the early-mid-2ks, made her way up through the Wyverns to Lieutenant, had this lovely little life going on, and was co-lead of the expedition to Luir's following the mantis takeover (though we didn't know what it was initially). We got to Luir's with the Byn and sniffed around a bit before this MASSIVE mantid ambush overwhelmed us. Jadara abused her love of shields to help hold off the attack while most of the party got back to the wagons. Beaten and bruise, she makes it back to the wagon before an arrow strikes her in the neck and knocks her to 1 damage!

Somehow, we got away with only a few deaths from new characters (sorry!). Jada is played up as having a broken arm from the ordeal and having her shield ruined in the fight. All wrapped up from arrow wounds, etc. And less than a few in-game days later, the new noble in the House decides to send her out to destroy a spider hole, despite her protest of being Really Badly Messed Up. Long story short, spider holes were no joke, and I took her there and refused to use her shield, via her arm being broken. She ended up getting mauled while saving the other Wyverns, and few Byn on the trip (save that first runner that got hit by ALL the spiders, sorry! XD), when I'm more than confident the shield would've been enough to get her to safely flee.

Was my first character in the area of 100 days, so I was super attached and extremely bitter about it for a long time. Looking back on it so far now, I like the idea that she had balls the size of a mekillot's.

Wrong thread. This is lamest deaths. Not amazing deaths. ;)

Thanks for sharing this. Pretty rad story.


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Re: Lamest Deaths?
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Come to think of it, my lamest death probably was as a Drovian. Attacked in UnderTuluk and was faring very badly. Went ethereal to escape, but the assailant still kept landing blows! *beep* Welcome to Armageddon.

At least the corpse was ethereal (I assume) and the fecker couldn't loot it.  ;D
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Re: Lamest Deaths?
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I killed an invisible Whiran once after attacking the blur and when they die the magick fades off them, or it used to.
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