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Re: So, Who Were Your Mentors?
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Sergeant Thuler and Raisa-di Kurac, a certain elf by the name of Worms, and a Red Fang called Two Moons who turned a mugging into a great desert survival tutorial for a newbie.
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Re: So, Who Were Your Mentors?
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Siamaca was the earliest mentor I remember, but the other members of our crew helped a lot too. They helped me believe that a sociopathic pc (not player) could be a fully functioning member of society, inside and out.

I didn't really understand your 'stereotypical' American t.v. sociopath--- an unfeeling individual who either does not have desires or has them, but not the will to bring them to conclusion. I was sort of afraid I would be unable to play one who didn't feel like a piece of walking particle board. The crew really helped me enjoy playing her. Also, she was an unmanifested rukkian. Heh, I don't really play in Tuluk without being an unmanifested something or other.
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Re: So, Who Were Your Mentors?
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I was a witch newb not that long ago so I remember the drovian old man luirsman who was the representative of the quarter and communicated with the templarate, seeing to their witchy needs. He helped me out with some basic questions, and the water witch too, a human male I can't remember who seemed to know that he was dealing with a lot of newbs as a water witch and was very patient with all of us.

The drovian was maybe Corse. That which is remembered, lives.
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Re: So, Who Were Your Mentors?
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... Faithful Lady Isatep, who scared my socks off.

Isatep was the closest thing I've played to a blind character since she seldom deigned to 'look at' scum, and most PCs were scum to her.

Oh, Wheel was one of my big mentors.
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