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Armanize With Me!!
« on: August 10, 2018, 04:39:43 AM »
Pick a song, any song and Arm it up! Add a little murder, maybe some corruption and just a dash, the itciest, bitsiest, dash of betrayal in there with desert dunes over yonder. The red sky is the limit!

For example, you could take Theory of a Deadman's hit song "Medicate" and change it to "Metagame" then manage the lyrics from there. Meaning it doesn't necessarily have to have specific references to the game world, just has to be Armesque. I dunno, I'm weird and bored yet ecstatic to see some of that uncanny creativity squirting out of yall's noggins!
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Re: Armanize With Me!!
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Who came through with long picks to terrorize your home?
Told you how to slap gicks and bash somebody prone?
Gave the Arm the finger and stole everything you own?
Sold a billion mosses and still screamed, "Fuck the known!"

(I'm Fat Amos..) so come and kill me while my name's hot
Backstab me twenty-five times in the same spot
I think I got a Kings Age brainwashed
to sniff pinches and smoke tubes til they stats drop
Bandage they blood flow until they veins clot
I need a flame shot, and a knot of something top notch
Melem tuek and Methel-in-oc
Poison the cask at the party and >drink >stop
Shaved my armpits and wore a quirri top
Bad Boy, I told you that I can't stop

You gotta make em fear you 'fore you make em feel you
So everybody buy my shit or I'ma come and kill you

I got vishith by the basket, I got glands and colored tablets
I'm your brother in the shade, with a sheen to coat your blade
You know me, I'm your friend, when you need some cheyda stems
I'm Amos!!
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You begin searching the area intently.
You look around, but don't find any large wood.
You think: "Story of my life."