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A Discord Roleplay - The Golden Age
« on: July 11, 2018, 12:49:06 PM »
So, over the past few months, I have had the motivation to begin writing up the setting for a roleplay i've wanted to host, this roleplay would be MUSH-like and play-by-post. I decided to drop a bit of the information on here and a permanent discord link to those interested in checking things out. You're not obligated to play if you join, of course. Note that the setting is nothing comparable to armageddon MUD itself, but if theres one group of roleplayers I believe would make this setting something amazing - its you guys.

As of right now, i'm hoping to get the roleplay going by the end of this current week.
I also will shamelessly admit that a lot of the inspiration for this RP comes a variety of anime, media, and things i like.

Pacific rim, into the breach, mechwarrior, and even mass effect played a role in the inspiration for  a lot of the early setting - but things will change, massively.

Its not a competitive roleplay, mind! more than likely you'll be working together with your fellow writers, than anything else.

I'll leave a copy paste of the story synopsis below, and there is more information available in the discord server itself. Bare in mind a great deal of this setting is wreathed in mystery - and its up for the writers to explore that mystery with their characters. Linky: If you got questions, you can ask me personally on the server.

The Golden Age

Earth, 2038.

One could say the sudden shift in government movement was suspicious, but by 2020, earths government had been united together as a single, unified government after a short two year period. What took place in those two years is of little importance to most, to history, it is recorded as the beginning of the golden age of humanity. It, today, remains a mystery as to why the world unified under a single governing body in two quick years, no such change has happened so quickly in the history of mankind..

By 2038, people prospered everywhere, equality became the focus, egalitarian views and beliefs became widespread, and an incredible technological revolution swept the earth, as research in technology was now on a unified, global scale, things thought science fiction were no longer things of fiction were now possible. Illnesses like cancer, AIDS, and others have been defeated, energy production did not pollute the earth, and efforts to restore the damaged biosphere of earth have begun to be successful. The average lifespan for a human being now averages up to a hundred and fifty years, due to advances in health care.

Peace Reigns, Crime rates plummet..
Yet Humanity remembers their past, in the new government, all members of society are given the best possible education, but are also expected to serve for at least two years in the military to undergo training, and is included in part of the world wide education program for students ages fourteen to seventeen.

But is the peace a lie?
Despite peace, the government seems to be constantly building up military technology, and many places that never had them before now have military garrisons, and military patrols are common all throughout the world, with the unified military replacing police officers as law enforcement. But those curious ask questions as to why such a thing is needed, the public response is that it is to protect what everyone has strove for over these past twenty years.

But what about the presence of plenty more military bases than any period of history. Why have disappearances  increased by 300% since 2033? Why are rumors of very strange sightings beginning to spread...and.. What exactly happened on 2018?

March 18th, 2018 - 05:00 - East of the bermuda triangle, Bermuda Triangle patrol base East.

A group of  first generation mechanized pilots on a standard training mission disappeared, , the incident happened as quick as it came, any actual leaks about went on were quickly squelched. But on that day, at 5 AM, an explosion shook the very earth, creating shafts of light that could be seen from across the globe, briefly, before disappearing.

The entire thing was wrapped up as a training accident testing new technology and that the rookie pilots were lost in the accident.

It is now September 18th, 2038, a group of students from one of the many schools of the world is brought to meet a representative of the military and the principal of their school, each of them are being selected to begin their two years of mandatory military training, but have been selected for the Mechanized pilot division, as pilots that will be testing the third generation of mechanized vehicles, and undergoing the extensive training that is the normal of what is considered to be humanity's elite defenders.

That is where the story begins.


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Re: A Discord Roleplay - The Golden Age
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2018, 01:39:30 PM »
Loving the concept.

I'll see whether I can cobble together a character sheet.


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Re: A Discord Roleplay - The Golden Age
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So wait, this is a mecha RP?
This intrigues me.
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Re: A Discord Roleplay - The Golden Age
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I may actually come out of the wood-works to keep-an-eye-out/play this...
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Re: A Discord Roleplay - The Golden Age
« Reply #4 on: July 17, 2018, 11:22:49 AM »
We were delayed on launch! those still on the fence should consider joining up! once we get one to two more character sheets we’ll schedule the rp start!


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Re: A Discord Roleplay - The Golden Age
« Reply #5 on: July 28, 2018, 05:02:14 PM »
The rp has begun and is going at a slow pace.

It is still open for newcomers.