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Karma Reviews
« on: July 05, 2018, 12:50:01 PM »
We have opened up the option in the request tool to submit karma review request types again.  With the spendable karma concept live, we have reached the milestone previously communicated for re-enabling this process.

We are not sure how many reviews we will receive.  We do know that they take a fair amount of staff time to resolve, as different staff members offer input on each request.  Typically we try to get karma reviews done in a month, but for now are going to suspend that, as it might take longer due to volume.

We will be dealing with the easier requests first.  In practice, this will mean we will be looking at and trying to resolve the karma review requests from zero karma accounts first, followed by one karma accounts and then two karma accounts.


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Re: Karma Reviews
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2018, 01:31:39 PM »
Please note that the stuff outlined for Karma Reviews in the Staff post about the Karma scale change apply.  I am reposting the relevant pieces below for convenience.

Karma Reviews:

Players will be limited to one karma review request per year.  They will also be required to specify what criteria points they are requesting karma for and detailing how they feel they have achieved this. They may request points in more than one area.

We will modify the karma review request to reflect that this information is needed.

Staff may grant karma category areas outside of the review schedule, however any movement up the karma tree must come with the appropriate amount of points per level.

0 karma, review can be requested after regular play for 6 months to move to point 1.
At 1 karma, requests to move to point 2: at least 1.5 year of regular play.
At 2 karma, request to move to point 3: at least 3 years of regular play.

Again to clarify, we aren’t suggesting that you have to login every day we are just indicating that not logging in at all or maybe one or two time over months won’t qualify for a karma review.  This is mostly due to the fact that we wouldn’t have any roleplay to review to determine karma!

Granting Karma:
Karma will be granted using existing criteria.  Each karma category can only be granted once. (i.e. Only 1 point for Roleplay, 1 point for Leadership etc.).  A level 3 player should still have achieved in 6+ areas.  On review multiple karma categories may be awarded. If not enough categories are awarded to move to the next level the category will be noted and used when next reviewing the account.

Level 0 - No criteria required
Level 1 - 1 or 2 points
Level 2 - 3 to 5 points
Level 3 - 6 or all 8 points

Karma criteria remains the same:
Good communication
Ability to roleplay
Proven understanding of magick and its place in the game world
Proven understanding of cultural and racial structures
Contributes to the game