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Combat Missions: Black Sea
« on: June 23, 2018, 06:05:43 PM »
Combat Mission: Black Sea is a military simulation depicting a fictional 2017 conflict between NATO and Russia in Ukraine.

I'm quite an avid wargamer and I thought I would post this in here. The game is fantastic! The tactical realism is unparallel. AI is shit, however. So multiplayer is the only solution for it. It's one of many in the Combat Mission Series, so the game is not new or unpolished. Command over every unit is fantastic. Unlike other games, infantry is properly developed and the graphics are decent for anyone who is okay with a text game of roleplay like all of us nerds.
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Re: Combat Missions: Black Sea
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You know there is a games thread, right?  ;)


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Re: Combat Missions: Black Sea
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Did Russia upgrade their military since the 80s?
we are here to hack motherfuckers up with bone swords,