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Should we show branching?

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Ok, so now you can see all the classes.  Should we show the branching paths things take?

On the one hand, our playerbase seems to have less time than it used to, and learning the way 15 classes branch might not be how they want to spend their time.  On the other hand, we ruin the joy of discovery for new (and old) players.

Here is what it might look like, obviously this isn't how they actually branch.

Brutal and efficient, Enforcers often come from a criminal background and are possessed of a low cunning and a murderous efficiency in combat. Capable with whatever weapons fall into their hands, Enforcers lever every potential advantage in a fight, using a wide variety of underhand tactics to achieve their ends - be it by springing a hasty ambush or laying their foes low with a stunning strike. While enforcers find fast employ wherever their talents in killing find direct application - on either side of the law - they are also capable bodyguards and assassins for hire.

Starts with the following skills, which progress up to:

Master:  contact, barrier, bash, crossbow use, flee, guarding, kick, parry, rescue, threaten, shield use, dual wield, two handed, slashing weapons, piercing weapons, chopping weapons, bludgeoning weapons
Advanced: subdue, hide
Journeyman: forage, cooking

May eventually acquire the following skills through use, which progress up to:

Master:  expel, blowgun use, backstab, blind fighting, disarm, rescue, sap, throw
Advanced:  sneak, climb, sleight of hand

Can forage scraps of food in cities.
Stealth specialized for city environments.
Hunting specialized for city environments.

Skills branch per the following:
contact -> expel
subdue -> sleight of hand ->sneak
cooking -> blowgun use
cooking -> backstab
forage -> disarm
forage -> backstab -> sap
forage -> backstab ->throw


I personally think revealing the information is a good call, as im far on the side of mechanical information like this should be free to be known if one wishes to know.. maybe its possible to make separate help files with one for revealing branching paths so that those who want to discover it on their own, can do so, where as those who simply want to know, can. Honestly, this is one of those cases where you simply cannot please everyone - revealing the branching paths will also have people commenting and possibly complaining about how each skill is branched.

The only other option is to give hints at what might be branched, and possibly how, vaugely, within the helpfile itself, but again - cant please everyone.

Or possibly a command similar to symbol which reveals possible branched skills instead of the magicker words.

How about something like...the starting enforcer will likely want to improve their headbutting, bandaging, cooking, smack talking and tanking skills.

So...a sentence with which starting skills branch, but nothing about what they branch into?

I could totally roll with that, yeah! Being pushed in the right direction while leaving some mystery behind it seems to motivate people a lot more.

in a ranty moment, I wish skill branching was more.. natural seeming in game. Every time i've encountered someone who branched a new skill, they seemed to have played it off as if they always knew how.

I always thought it'd be cool if a player would get ocasional messages saying that your character thinks your onto something, and may develop a new skill if x skill is practiced more, as suggested in my original post. I think it might encourage more organic RP about skill branching, too.

But.. off topic ranting aside. Leave the bait infront of their noses, make them excited, and let them rush out to explore!

I remember the first time I played a long-lived assassin. I got hide to advanced and it stopped improving all the way until day 40. For some reason at that point I ticked over and branched all the skill assassins get from hide then.

I had just assumed that assassins capped out at advanced hide and that was it. So I think it's a good idea for people to know which skill they ought to be working on.


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