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Re: Magick and Armageddon
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It seems I need to enlighten you and stress that this game has very strict consent rules. The elements aren't allowed to touch you unless you consent beforehand.
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Re: Magick and Armageddon
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Just apply to be a Krathi.



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Re: Magick and Armageddon
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I wouldn't mind an opt-in option for random chances of manifestation. But i'd really prefer the chance to be very very low.

I personally dont miss full magicker guilds, they felt way to easy to guildsniff out and in turn, people would be able to figure out if said character was rather new and squishy.
And then using OOC experience to then kill said character instead of rping upon the one thing that is very much stated: Magick is scary, and people fear it.

I do think full magicker guilds should come back as an option for those who really want to be dedicated to magic - more options are always better than fewer.


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Re: Magick and Armageddon
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I wouldnt actually mind having full magickers that are a one way change over type system.


Everyone start mundane. The character must live for 5 days, before getting an option of losing their subguild and gaining a touched element.
After 10 days played, the character has an option of losing their touched and gaining one of their full elementalist subguilds.
After 15 days played, the character has an option of losing their guild, becoming a full elementalist, and choosing a new subguild.

ALL of that is optional. They do not have to choose right after as the hours played ticks a specific date. They can choose to 'never' manifest. They can choose to manifest partially. They can choose to manifest fully.

The only problem with having full elementalists is that it makes gimped sorcerers a little weak, considering their assumed danger. But I'm not a fan of an idea of having full sorcs running around freely either.


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Re: Magick and Armageddon
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One time, a magick person touched me, and it ruined the idea I had for my character because magick is overpowered.

Another time, someone played a sorceror, but I feel like sorcerers are too powerful to be in the hands of plebian players and only staff members can be trusted, because they're better than us players.

Also, when it comes to magick, it should happen to me at random and not be my choice, because the Karma Review system doesn't work and I want to throw a fireball. But not an OP fireball. Just one that can kill mobs, not PCs.
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Re: Magick and Armageddon
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Things to remember when discussing topics in this thread:

Do not post information pertaining to how magickers work, or how you think they work. Not only does it go against the rules of the game, but specifically in cases where you haven't played a magicker since the changes, you're oftentimes absolutely wrong about how certain systems work.