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Mastercraft of tea
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>help custom crafting

Custom Crafting                                                    (Crafting)


1. When you type 'skills' the craft skill must show (master) as the skill level.

2. Your character's guild must be merchant, or your character's subguild must be a craft-based extended subguild for the skill you wish to custom craft for.

3. All custom crafts must be submitted through the request tool.

4. Custom crafts must follow the Submission Guidelines in the helpfile of the same name.

5. You may submit up to one entry per month, no matter how many master-ranked skills you have.

6. If you are not in an open or player-created clan, any crafts you create will be craftable by anyone. If you are in an open clan you can opt to have the custom crafting recipe as clan-only or not.

7. You must fill out the entire form provided in the request. Depending on the item type, you may have to provide additional details as well (for example, a taste and scent message for food). There will be certain code aspects that staff will determine, but everything else is in your hands. A log showing the craft process or 1-2 paragraphs explaining what your character's design process is and why your character is making the item is required.

8. Crafts that would require special tools or knowledge may be prohibited if your character is not deemed to have that knowledge, or access to those special tools or workspace.

9. A custom craft must have a strong world fit with the theme of a post-apocalyptic desert with low technology and scarcity of resources. Items that are not possible within the current tech level of the game setting won't be approved. The item needs to make sense for your PC to make, either through current RP or backstory.

10. Descriptions of items need to be objective, and follow the same rules for character descriptions. You cannot impress feelings and thoughts on the viewer with your item description. Adjectives like 'masterfully', 'expertly', 'perfectly', 'amazing', 'peerless', and the like are not acceptable - instead, describe how your item is masterful, amazing, etc.

11. We may ask a submitter to provide changes to quality, flaws, and condition. Items which are deemed to be fragile or subject to wear and tear may need extra work in-game or they will be made to be fragile in a coded sense.

12. Adjectives should be appropriate to the quality of the item presented. Fanciful adjectives should be reserved for fancy items. For example, describing a simple sandcloth shirt as 'brilliant azure' will not work when 'blue' is more acceptable.

13. Mass-production of high-quality items is considered unrealistic for our setting. If we deem an item to be too high-quality to be craftable, or the item would be required as a reference to remake it accurately, or a motif is too unusual and/or specific, we may determine that the item will be uncraftable.
Additional copies of uncraftable items can be obtained with one of your monthly custom crafting requests.

14. Item bonuses (such as skill boosts or stamina increases) can be suggested, but the final determination will be made by staff. Significant item bonuses beyond the standard will not be considered for any crafts except those of GMHs.

Custom Craft Types:

Craftable custom crafts are considered generic enough to be reproducible. They meet all of the following criteria.

- They fit within the theme of low technology and scarce resources.
- They are everyday items for commoners, and not described as being remarkable in any way.
- For independent crafts, there are no bonuses outside the standard for that item type.
- They can be produced without a reference to copy from.

Uncraftable custom crafts are considered special enough to be unique, or copied through additional custom craft requests. They fit under one or more of the following criteria.

- They are plot specific.
- They are outside the norm in regards to technical ability, resources, quality, and regional norms for your PC and your PC's clan.
- For independent crafts, they have any kind of unique bonus.
- They can't feasibly be reproduced by someone without itself as a reference.

Great Merchant House crafters and player clan crafters specializing in the craft type can make certain items craftable that would be considered uncraftable by an independent crafter, due to access to knowledge and special tools as well as a work-space. However, items that can't feasibly be reproduced by someone without itself as a reference will still fall under being made through custom crafting requests.

Special Skill-Related Restrictions:

Armor repair, brew, component crafting, and lumberjacking are not available for custom crafting at this time.

Only crafted skills can be custom crafted for. If the effort behind a custom craft is not backed by a skill, then it will be rejected.

"Armor repair, brew, component crafting, and lumberjacking are not available for custom crafting at this time."

tldr:  Nope.