Author Topic: OOC and You! Lets discuss etiquette of using OOC.  (Read 1133 times)


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Re: OOC and You! Lets discuss etiquette of using OOC.
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I'll be honest. The most jarring thing out of that whole use of OOC is this very thread.

You think someone is acting in a way he shouldnt? Just send in a complaint. There is nothing malicious about it. It's just a way for a staffer to talk to someone privately to help them play better, or be less disruptive to others.

This thread is cringe worthy. In my opinion.

This thread is definitely very cringe worthy, but I don't think sending in complaints because someone OOCed "oops, I meant the word except not accept, my bad" is a valuable use of staff's time. It's probably not a valuable use of a player's time either.

Sometimes OOC is used more than it should be. Sometimes players don't RP wounds as well as they should. Sometimes players don't RP their race as super awesomely as you might like.

And sometimes everyone needs to just take a chill pill and work on their coping skills.


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Re: OOC and You! Lets discuss etiquette of using OOC.
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The most jarring OOCs to me are typo fixes -- If we're talking about jarring me out of the moment, when we're in the middle of a scene and the OOC for 'the, not teeh' pops  out.

I don't have a problem with most of the OOC people do in the game, I think it's reasonable and people police themselves.  But please don't use OOC to correct your spelling unless it's something so atrocious that it would be impossible to know what you meant.  People understand about typos and misspellings and just go on with the RP without a hitch.  I think when this is done it's usually out of a wish to make sure the listeners realize that you the player actually know the proper spelling.  That's not important to the presentation of the idea you're trying to describe and the story you're trying to keep going.  Misspelled words are something I can't just skip over, my eye and attention are drawn to them, but by going OOC you've tripped me twice.  The first time is just a mistake but the second is purposeful.  There's no reason for it.

Having said that, it's still not such a big deal that it ruins my fun, so if you need to do it for some reason, ok.  :) 


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