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Re: IDEA: new command: "blockpsi <player>"
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Why do you think you need a counter for the main method of distance communication?

Because this incredibly powerful ability allows me to communicate silently, thus rendering any attempts at observation, espionage or spy craft against me useless. It allows me to easily cross social divides (EG. a noble interfacing directly with 'rinth assassins) and language divides. And again, it allows me to literally plot without the person right next to me using watch and listen on me to have any earthly idea that I'm bringing someone over to kill him.

or is it because you think that your PCs have enough of a link to this mysterious undocumented force that they can infiltrate and block off the minds of others?

No it's because players routinely employ this mysterious undocumented force in ways that allow them to mitigate social risk. With zero to no consequence. If they can do that, I don't see why I can't find a way to reapply that risk.

Everytime the dude next to me wants to relay something in secret, they use the way. And I go "Fuck. I guess I need to play along with this stupid broken mechanic yet again."

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Re: IDEA: new command: "blockpsi <player>"
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Not only is the Way NOT secret, which you should well know, it IS designed to be  way to mitigate social risk. Which is why people still are afraid to go into a Noble's Compound, or visit anyone of a GMH inside their own gates. We're all just risk averse at this point.

You could make the Way have an hemote when it is used. Then you'd know they're USING the Way, but I cannot understand the line in the sand that all humanoids should have the ability to invade and block off another person's mind. At all.

I do agree that it bridging language divides, and allowing nobles to talk directly to rag-wearing thieves is a bit of a struggle, but that's how it works. How it always has worked.

I just cannot agree with the addition of a skill to force someone to be cut off from the Mysterious and Unseen Force that is the Way. Not without being an actual coded Psionicist. It honestly, and not being snarky here, sounds like you had a bad date and you want us all to stop using Tinder.
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Re: IDEA: new command: "blockpsi <player>"
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Once again, no. It just annoys me that I need to continually tiptoe around that mechanic and assume everyone is texting beneath the table.

And it annoys me that the best reason for this status quo is because psionicists are the ones with the special sauce.

It honestly, and not being snarky here, sounds like you had a bad date and you want us all to stop using Tinder.

Oh I've been annoyed by this mechanic for a long fucking time. I have old e-mails (from before the request tool) where staff were giving me a hard time for talking during a bardic recital instead of using The Way. I've always thought it was dumb and stupid.
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Re: IDEA: new command: "blockpsi <player>"
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What if the way and its mastery by non Psi's bleed a bit, like a radio transmission and everyone is a sort of reciever and there was a chance for bits and pieces to be picked up, randomly, and never a full, complete projection of whats being wayed without being the directed receiver. And maybe without a description of who is sending it or a partial description and never who is receiving. This might give a chance to disrupting plot attempts, escape from one situation or another and such.

Also what if the way degraded in its translated information the further away the links have to reach. Like the drunk code does now sort of. This would also allow for the feel of true distance in game reflecting the difficulty it might be to sort through this phantasmal essence we call the way which all minds are connected to and or through. I have never really liked that its like conversating with someone right next to you the same as across the known, I would like to think of it as having to stretch and there would be thinning in the link to the point that link would threaten to break and break when the distance is great. Or at least become leaky like a sieve.
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Re: IDEA: new command: "blockpsi <player>"
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Really not on board with this idea, for the reasons others have stated, but also because I think it would just become more power in the hands of antagonists.  Rather than that noble and their aide being unable to plan your demise, itís going to be that noble and their aide taking their sweet, inept time to kill you while holding a pillow over the psionic part of brain.

It sounds like the real complaint here is not that non-psion PCs canít block, but that the Way is too powerful to begin with.  Potajeís and others approaches to nerf it some would make the game more interesting, without increasing the power of things that yíall seem to think are already OP.
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Re: IDEA: new command: "blockpsi <player>"
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I like the idea of being able to catch random snatches of the way just from people using it around you. It definitely adds something to the game.
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Re: IDEA: new command: "blockpsi <player>"
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Riev, for the record, expel was put BACK in. We had expel, it went away, it came, not much argument there, supposed to treat it like it never left.

Oh, I am against this idea or any like it where a non-bender can affect another persons use of the way. Currently, non-benders way skills are essentially involving own brain. and really only involving mind to mind contact. Making, breaking, blocking. No manipulation of others minds.
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