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Adventures in cooking?

I'm pretty much only capable of eggs, frozen pizza, and a really good cheese sandwich that's honestly just four slices of kraft cheese and grilled bread with a lot of butter. Its a simple, magical combination that's just the right amount of cheese.

I've heard that gently turning the eggs in a figure 8 motion and adding only butter, salt and pepper makes the perfect eggs. You remove the heat while its still a little soft since the heat in the eggs continues to cook them as you plate them.

I haven't had any chances lately to perfect my egg-making. Before, I would just let the eggs burn until parts of them were brown like a multi-hued canyon because it was easier and I liked them that way.
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I've thought about making a post like this because I LOVE cooking.

You're making scrambled eggs, right? I usually follow Gordon Ramsay's technique. Although, his claim about not seasoning the eggs first is just superstition. If you watch the video, you also get to see him burn toast on accident, which I think is funny. But if you don't feel like watching it, this is basically it:
1. Crack eggs into the pan, add butter.
2. Put over medium heat. Stir consistently.
3. Once the eggs start to thicken a bit, remove them and let them cool down a bit. You're gonna do a kind of on-heat off-heat back and forth nonsense with them.
4. You're right, eggs will continue to cook after plating.

Summer 2016, I decided I wanted to learn how to cook food I was proud of, so I decided to learn how to make the 5 French mother sauces. It was easy to learn and you can make a toooon of things using them as the basis. So if you want to expand your cooking horizons, starting there might not be a bad idea.

Saturday night, I made red beans and rice. While some red kidney beans were simmering, I diced up some white onion, green bell pepper, celery, garlic, and poblano (I know that one's weird, but it was gonna go bad soon so why not) and caramelized them in a pan with seasonings and a ton of ground cayenne. I sauteed some andouille sausage. I tossed it all together, scooped some onto rice, and ate it with some cornbread (just from a boxed mix). I should have enough left for another few days. I make fresh rice every day I have it because that takes no effort.