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Karma Help File and Karma Regeneration
« on: April 10, 2018, 10:29:58 AM »

The karma and CGP help files are a little out of date, and two questions in particular have been asked on #help, so I'd like to ask for some clarification:

1. According to 'help karma': "Players may request a karma review every twelve months. A Karma Review request will automatically have staff assessing your account against the karma criteria. Staff may also award (or remove) karma at their own discretion outside of Karma Review requests."  Is the line "Players may request a karma review every twelve months" no longer true?  (I believe the answer is 'yes'.)  If so, can we cut that out of the help file?

2. According to 'help CGP' we are pointed to an old post on the gdb, which still discusses things using the old numerics (8 max), and, moreover, doesn't take into account karma regeneration.  Is karma regeneration now 'live'?  If so, can we (a) delete/update that gdb post linked and have some description of how it works in practice with things that 'cost' karma, e.g., extended subguilds, skill bumps, certain Guilds, and certain Races?  I take it we can just choose a race/guild/subguild via chargen and it will automatically deduct karma from our account equal to how much those cumulatively cost.  Here's some smaller questions for clarification:

2.a. What about skill bumps? 

2.b. If I special app something 'one rank above' my karma level, will it reduce all my karma points to 0?

2.c. How fast does the karma regenerate once spent?  (Or does it not regenerate?)

Thanks so much in advance dooderoonees.

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