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Crimcode is absolutely not perfect.

It always favours whoever isn't the criminal. That might sound perfect, but take that to the extremes... Someone subdued and peacefully being arrested could just be whapped upon and bam, the soldier's like "oh fuck there's a fight, better kill the criminal". And whoever was enough of a jackass to do it is fine because hey, they're just hurting criminals.

Of course, crimcode isn't SIMPLE. That's the toughest thing here - so to fix that, what, you make it so anyone who hurts anyone becomes wanted and whacked upon? Okay, well now you have a new soldier rushing in to kill the peacefully-subdued first criminal, while the subduing soldier rushes to kill the newcoming criminal. And if you just make it so whoever whacked is wanted and keep the other criminal at whatever state of arrest they were? Well, then every single person helping to take down a dangerous mass-murderer or even, say, a rampaging creature inside the city would be wanted, and rats would no longer be free kill, because if you whack them, you're wanted.

It's not a simple fix, and that's the most annoying thing about all of this, I expect - for every problem, undoing it will cause two more.

But we can start with things we CAN fix, like making half-giants sensibly placed, or MAYBE keeping a better check for what broke someone's subdue (instead of just 'subdue broken, kill the criminal', etc etc, you could have 'subdue broken by someone else, criminal still considered peaceful/nonlethal'... but even that makes more problems.).

Crimcode is a jumbled horrific mess of thorns, honestly.
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Re: Let's Talk About Soldiers
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Possibly even a delay related to strength when a subdue is broken. It should be difficult to break out of a subdue, but when you do it maybe it would cause a delay to the subduer and not the subdued. that would solve the problem of the instant crunch. Possibly even preventing soldiers from "Hit"ing would do the trick. Honestly, they should be reaching for their weapons regardless of the situation anyway and that would be plenty of time to think about what to do.

It's ridiculous that in a game where it's considered bad RP to fight armed individuals with bare hands an entire race of playable characters are arguably more deadly with their fists than with weapons. Worse so that they are also the most prevalent race enforcing the crime code.

I agree with above.
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