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Look at this shit.  Just look at it.  Revel.  Revel in the purity, in the depths of color, of His Shadowy Wallet!

This amazing piece of handtooled leather was done by and the colors and leather quality are far above anything I expected.  The leather is thick, seriously heavy gauge, and well treated for a life of long use.  The seams are stitched with jet black heavy thread, and I expect as long as I keep the bindings away from chainsaws and/or rats, that they'll hold up quite well.  The inside of the piece has four various sections for IDs, licences, or those little lockpick card thingies that some people use as money.  Two hefty inside pockets for cash and/or coupons round it out into a truly badass and functional piece.

As you might guess, the dude does commissions.  He asks, naturally, for money up front, but I was given a 4 week estimated waiting time.  It got to me in 3, and I got the notification it was done at two and a half weeks.  So I expect the four week time was an estimate including if something goes wrong. 

The leatherworker himself, Mike, was exceptionally easy to work with, and listened to my input.  He even came to me with a design alteration that I very much appreciated.  Originally, the words were only going to be "In His Shadow" around the bottom of the art piece.  He mentioned that it would actually be easier for him to put the words on the back, and I thought the change was a good one.  I asked if he could alter it a bit and add the "All Lives" as well, and he got right on it, no extra charge for the extra wording.

As you can see with a quick glance to his website, he offers several varieties of wallets, as well as keychains, wallhangings, and belts.  I really can not pimp this guy enough, he does AM-AAAAZING work, super quick, and it's the kind of leatherwork that will last you a life time.
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3 weeks? Obviously not Salarr-made. You have a minimum 1-year wait for that!

It's pretty swank though, love the logo!
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Thats awesome.
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I love that dragon logo.
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