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Threaten for a bit now has been a skill on heavy combat guilds, as a skill.  The skill increases the chance that the skill activates, up from the 35% base skill level.

As of today there are a few skills that will be easier to branch, although the maximums remain the same.  The game will not automatically update your character with any branch, you will need to use/fail the skill for the branch to happen if you happen to be above the new branching level.

In general, this applies to lumberjacking, archery and cross bow use.  Wanted to let you know so that you don't think it is some sort of issue, but do let me know any issues you do encounter!

Fighters start with and soldiers can eventually get the new skill hack.  Looking for feedback of the players of these classes over the next few weeks on what they think of the skill.

We did a number of tweaks over the weekend.

Most were tweaks to which skill level some skills branched at, making a handful of skills slightly easier to branch.

Stalker was changed to make charge branch from ride.  If you are a stalker and haven't reached that branch point yet, charge will likely disappear from your skill list next time you use it.  If you have reached that point, it should remain.

Laborer was changed to add hack as a branched skill.

Fence was changed to add poisoning as a branched skill.  Hopefully this will shore up the slight weakness they had and add an interesting dynamic.

Bandage was removed from Miscreant, as they needed to be toned down slightly.

As you may have seen, now significantly easier to two hand ride with a shield.


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