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Templar Rolecall Open - AND A SARGE!!!
« on: January 30, 2018, 08:33:02 PM »
The hot wind gave no relief, stirring my hair just enough to tickle where it fell against my
flesh.  My set tight against emotion, I stared ahead as the ceremony proceeded, growing
lost in my memories.

The scent of maidenflower perfume that mother wore, the polished pymlithe wood of the
doorframe as she stood with me before it, the stark blues and stern eyes of the pair of
Templarate who loomed within as they informed her I had been accepted.  The sad yet
oddly jubilant look in her eyes as she smiled down, our signet rings clacking once more as
she pressed her palm to mine upright, like we used to do in lieu of a hug in public.  The
memory of that hand transitioning to the callused and rough grip of the Lord Templar who
took me away.

Flash ahead two years, and I sit again in the library with my cohort, a Fale who shared
the same mentor and sometimes my bed as we awaiting the burly and severe Great
Lord mentor who always had greater things to do.  The Great Lord who only showed up
to scowl, to punish, to berate, and to inform us that, yet again, one of us was not of quality. 
I sat in my grey robes of the adept, studying my filed nails, glancing down for the hundredth
time at some treatise on a subject I could not care less for.  Bureaucracy, mathematics,
taxes, history... studies in boredom.  Studies in wastes of time.  My mentor was a Great Lord
of the City Ministry, and I loathed the thought.  Eventually some Blue showed up, again, to
teach where the Great Lord could not find time to do.  Some damn excuse or another, always
an excuse, I was never important enough.

And then, in the grip of my adolescence, I had gotten some modicum of vengeance.  The
Great Lord's bastard, who I'd met and befriended, brought wine one night.  We enjoyed it,
I laughed, kept him laughing, kept him laughing right until I'd pushed him from the balcony
and watched him land head first upon the black cobbles of the courtyard.  Dashed within
those dandy tresses were the Great Lord's plans to culture a tool against his rival.  The woe
on the Great Lord's face is something I will always treasure, and suddenly, from that moment
on, I started seeing more of him.  Some sad attempt at gaining a replacement for his lost
bastard, I suppose.  I couldn't care less, the half blood idiots were worth less attention than
a rotten petoch, and the Great Lord would find no replacement in me, though I would gladly
drink deep of his knowledge when granted.

And now, here we kneel, grown and defined as a Templars, my freshly fit Kadian cut robes
of state fluttering around my well trained form.  They look good, I know that much, mirror
be damned, as I had pictured myself in them many a time.  I stood there in the courtyard of
the manor along with my Fale companion before the Great Lord as he intoned the ancient
words.  Just get on with it, old man.  I have plans for that medallion.  Out came the relic,
the ancient worked silver gleaming in the morning light, and he extended his deepest
blessings.  It was all I could do to not laugh in his face, rank be damned.  I ducked my head
as he settled the chain around my neck, and the silver felt as hot as fresh blood as it touched
my flesh.

I reveled in the moment, feeling the HighLord's power swell through me, and I almost
missed the ring of steel as he dropped an ancient dagger to the cobbles, held in an old
leather sheath. The test! The Fale was faster, always had been, and my eyes opened to
see the gleam of the red sky reflected on that razor honed edge as the knife came free
to dart at my face.  Unthinking, my reflexes held sway that day, my knee coming up to
meet a soft belly even as the knife cut a notch in my ear.  I felt the blade etch my shoulder
as I staggered back, His Power already coursing through me as my hand came up.  All
the memories, all the soft times in the cot, all the laughter, all the toasts to stand side by
side against the criminals of Allanak were burnt to ruin as I enveloped that pretty face in
His Flame.  I watched the Fale's eyes run from scalded sockets, watched the lips tear back
and peel away from cracking teeth until all that was left was a smoldering ruin on the stones.

With a sneer, I kicked the knife out of the skeletal, smoking hand, skidding it across to the
boots of the Great Lord, for I was not foolish enough to try to keep it.  But I would take it.
When his life fell to my clutches for the pains I had suffered at his hands, I would take it.

I had knelt for the entirety of my childhood, I had knelt for lessons, I had knelt for power, and I
would kneel no more.  I stood as a fist of His Arm.  I stood as a blade of His Will.  I stood as Templar.


You wanna be this guy?

Or maybe this guy?

Or perhaps a bit more like her?

Lets see the applications!
You know the drill.

* High playtimes AN ABSOLUTE MUST. 
* Reliable reporting ability... I do not need to know every little thing, but I sure need to have at least one report every two weeks.   I prefer weekly, but I will take bi.
* Good account notes... or at least not horrible.
* A solid grasp of Allanaki politics, from the highest silk to the lowest ratsucker.
* An ability and willingness to play a Leadership position.  You must be able to lead patrols, arrange RPTs without staff assistance, deal with all manner of folk, and report swiftly when Allanak is in need.
* Send in an full application with background, throw some goals in there, and an idea of the character's psyche.
* Ability to commonly play from a computer, or laptop.  I am not interested in phone-heavy players, no offense, but the response times for emotives and combat from a phone is an obvious impact to other players in a scene.  Part of being top notch is that ability to instantly react and keep track of multiple things going on at once.

Things that WILL HAPPEN:
* Excitement!  Adventure!  Murder!  Arenas!
* Benefits and Consequences for your IC actions! 
* Animations random as well as arranged!
* Most likely, an eventual, bloody doom!

Bring it on!  Bring it in!  Bring it all home!
Applications open until Tuesday the 6th of February, at 11:59 PM EST.

I look forward to it.... and to the winner?  You poor bastard, you get me as your staffer and a shiny new medallion.

*** It seems that the Arm of the Dragon is also in need of a full time badass, a clod-stomping, hand chopping, tax-taking, patrol-making son (or daughter) of a bitch who has no problem kicking ass and forgetting every name they put boot to!  Same rules as above.

***** If you have a Templar app in, PLEASE LOG IN to the request and ADD A NOTE if you are or are not interested in the Sergeant role!  If you are, throw in an extra app under the heading Sergeant on that same application request thread.
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"This time, when she looked at him, she took all of him in. His sandy hair, the line of his jaw, the span of his shoulders. This time when she looked, she actually saw him."
-Fela, finally noticing Simmon - A Wise Man's Fear


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Re: Templar Rolecall Open - AND A SARGE!!!
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2018, 06:38:22 PM »
Updated to include need for a Sergeant of the Arm of the Dragon.  Details above!
"This time, when she looked at him, she took all of him in. His sandy hair, the line of his jaw, the span of his shoulders. This time when she looked, she actually saw him."
-Fela, finally noticing Simmon - A Wise Man's Fear


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Templar Rolecall Open - AND A SARGE!!!
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2018, 03:53:02 AM »
Both of these roles are open once again. If you're interested in playing a Templar or a Sergeant in the Arm of the Dragon, now's your chance. Applications close March 6th.


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Re: Templar Rolecall Open - AND A SARGE!!!
« Reply #3 on: March 08, 2018, 04:44:56 AM »
Thanks for burying us under an application avalanche, fellas. This is now closed, we'll be in touch.