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Custom Crafting, a How To Guide
« on: January 28, 2018, 05:11:26 PM »
This is another of the threads I wrote for my clan.

This thread is going to focus on Custom Crafting, previously known as Master Crafting, and the way that you as a player and you as your character can go about creating your own custom craft.

The first step necessary is that you need to attain a Master skill level in a crafting skill on your current active PC. Once you have attained a master crafting skill (or when you池e getting close if you like planning in advance), you can start thinking through the process of what you would like to make. Generally at least some of this developmental stage should be done IC - thinking through your options, what catches your interest, what materials you have available, what you want it to look like, etc.

Now that you have an idea, you need specifics. It痴 more than just a sdesc, main description and submission. There is a full custom craft submission page on once you log into your account in the upper right corner. You pick "new request" and the request type is "custom craft".

Please, please, PLEASE read through Cayuga's submission post on this page to understand what everything on the custom craft request page is for and how you properly format your craft.,51591.0.html

I use that information every time I create a new craft and it has been ridiculously helpful.

Please note that in a lower post Cayuga says that custom crafts should be tagged [charactername_MCMONTHYEAR] instead of [accountname_sub].

I値l run through an example next.


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Re: Custom Crafting, a How To Guide
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2018, 05:11:54 PM »
This is the text straight out of the Custom Craft request:

New Object


Short Description:

Long Description:

Main Description:




Craft Information

What is Left upon Failure:





Success Message to Crafter:

Success Message to Room:

Failure Message to Crafter:

Failure Message to Room:


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Re: Custom Crafting, a How To Guide
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2018, 05:12:24 PM »
Here is an example of what I might submit:

a super fancy diamond earring

Keywords: earring diamond super fancy [charactername_MCJanuary2018][crafted]

Short Description: a super fancy diamond earring

Long Description: A super fancy diamond earring sits here.

Main Description:
This earring has been made from the biggest diamond that could have possibly been found in the known. It has been cut into a fancy emerald shape, displaying the clarity and perfection of the astonishing gem. The setting, made from the highest quality of ivory available, has been painstakingly carved into a floral filigree that cups and secures the diamond, a slim post protruding from the back to allow it to be worn.


1,200 sids
(I generally price the materials and add 20%)

Ear (potentially face, eyebrow, nose, navel, nipple, etc....)

Craft Information
polished diamond, an ivory horn

What is Left upon Failure:
A polished diamond

Skill: jewelry making

Tool: a smoothing

Difficulty: advanced

Duration: 75 seconds

Success Message to Crafter: You finish carving the ivory and set the stone in place.

Success Message to Room: $n finishes carving the ivory and sets the stone in place.

Failure Message to Crafter: You snap the ivory while trying to carve the filigree.

Failure Message to Room: $n snaps the ivory while trying to carve the filigree.
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Re: Custom Crafting, a How To Guide
« Reply #3 on: January 28, 2018, 05:13:43 PM »

If you are creating a cooking craft, you need to add a Taste and Smell category to the submission.

For food:

Sdesc: how it looks at first glance

Mdesc: how it looks when studied closely - do not include taste, texture, or smell.

Taste: the taste and texture of the food.

Smell: how the food smells


You may also want to consider adding a "clan" to your submission. You need to decide whether or not you want your item to be able to be crafted by everyone in the game, or if it can only be made by a single clan. If you are working for a GMH, your work should generally be clan specific as that is the job of a crafter.

If you are working for House Borsail, you have more leeway to decide. You can make the most wyvern-decorated Borsail object ever and clan it to House Borsail, or you may make something less specific and leave it unclanned.

You CAN create objects and clan them to a different clan, such as an Aide creating patterns for House Salarr... but you should work that out IC before you submit your craft and not simply surprise new crafts on unsuspecting clans. In this scenario, you may be able to earn benefits for creating crafts for other clans, so be sure to keep it as a tool in your toolkit.


You are also welcome to submit custom crafts that are not amazing achievements of crafting. Maybe you want to make a simple toe ring from onyx. Or you want to make a plain brown shirt. Or chopped vegetables that are easy to learn to cook. Not all custom crafting needs to be that absolute fanciest thing that you can make. Feel free to make something plain, dingy, unobtrusive, gross... whatever your creative little heart desires.


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Re: Custom Crafting, a How To Guide
« Reply #4 on: January 29, 2018, 01:40:01 AM »
Putting in the [seidhr_mcJanuary2018] is unnecessary.  These tags do sometimes get added but the general consensus amongst staff is that in most cases, in a year, nobody will care who created the item or when.


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Re: Custom Crafting, a How To Guide
« Reply #5 on: January 29, 2018, 07:44:46 AM »
I would honestly come up with a different and more basic example as opposed to the diamond earring. One reason custom crafts are now called that instead of master crafts is because of 'quality creep' where people feel like they need to make fancy items instead of something that maybe fills a vacant niche and/or isn't necessarily fancy/expensive.
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