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Re: Delay before fleeing
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If something attacks you, you can flee quick enough to avoid even the first attack.

Uh.  Can you elaborate on this?

Yeah... the kill command comes with an automatic first round of combat. If they attack you some other way, like with a kick or a bash that misses, then maybe you can get away, but attacking someone always nets you at least one round of combat. The issue for me is, even if you reel someone in that round of combat, spam fleeing will kick in and get them away before you get another round, unless you're lucky with really high agility.

I'm not saying escape should be impossible or even difficult, but right now, it's just... well, unless they're a HG or a monstrously experienced fighter who can one-shot you on an attack of opportunity, fleeing is really safe right now.


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Re: Delay before fleeing
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try etwoing a good club and see how that spam flee works.
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Re: Delay before fleeing
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You really cant avoid the first hit, at least not once it attacks you. Unless of course you mean to say "Their attack misses." Which is possible, the first attack not going through is an impossibility.


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Re: Delay before fleeing
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While you do get  first attack when you type kill <victim> sometimes you get a noticeable delay between the time you attack a person, and the time yo actually perform that first attack. This doesn't always occur, but it does happen. Very recently the same thing happened when  an animal attack me. I've gotten the message X attacks you but I was still move to the next room before it could land the first attack.

I am not quite sure why this occurs; lag or maybe agility of the victim being high. It is a bit random, since that first attack can happen instantly too.

Many moons ago I was trying to kill someone and I was managing to successfully chasing them. I was getting the message that I attacked them. I was getting lagged from the kill command, but they would run before I would perform a single attack.  I remember wishing up about it, I didn't know what was going on and the person was run/fleeing so quick that I thought they had triggers that when fired off when they got the message I had attacked them.

At the end I suppose I feel I am one of those people that feel its a little to easy to escape. I am okay if someone invests some effort in getting that good at escaping, through skill or preparation. Otherwise RP should be more tempting option then fleeing with low or no skill in it.
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Re: Delay before fleeing
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The particular thing you are talking about, can quite easily be replicated using kagors and stuff that like to attack from stealth, the first attack from stealth does not appear to actually trigger combat between both parties, just the attacker, while the victim is left in a state of limbo where they can do whatever they want.


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Re: Delay before fleeing
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Hawke is completely correct on this. The thing you are talking about is animals attacking from stealth while you are moving, I am pretty sure.

I am all for making the wilderness more obnoxious though, bring on the lizards that spit blinding poison in your face.
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Re: Delay before fleeing
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The specifics are, you are not considered 'in combat' until the stealthed critters next attack, or, you attack the critter.

If you put your position into your prompt it will show this as being the case.