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zalanthan holidays
« on: November 30, 2017, 08:31:24 PM »
In some games, during the holiday season there will be an event with a theme of gift exchange and revelry, with a world-appropriate twist.  obvious examples come to mind are WoW and EVE online.

my idea for a zalanthan holiday we can begin celebrating this year (or add your own ideas!)

The Feast of Bloodletting
The all knowing highlord has passed word through his Templar emissaries that he will indulge His people with a feast once per year, on the eve of the longest night of the year.  A sacred mekillot will be brought to the center of the city (in the plaza near Red's).  It will of course be bound in heavy IRON shackles (ewwww metal!  the highlord is amazing!) It will be painted with scenes of the Highlord's glory.  It will be lavished with gifts, flowers, booze, etc.  Then it will be slaughtered, butchered, and cooked for the poor people to feast upon.  Gift exchange amongst the people is also considered acceptable.

Thoughts?  all sorts of fun plots and RP could happen during, and as a result of this HRPT if it happened.
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Re: zalanthan holidays
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An annual holiday means every nine weeks, that's a little swift for me to be really special. I understand what you mean though and I really enjoy that real holidays are celebrated in the game in OOC ways; Githmas and Sandy Claws, April Fools skill descriptors, Doctor Who Day.

As for traditional in game holidays we also have them! The Ocotillo Festival and Luir's Fest are the big ones, the Gladiator Games are also holidays in Allanak as your boss would be a real dick if he didn't let you go and spectate when the bells sound. You concept is a good one all that needs to happen is for a player to plan and push for it in game. I just don't think it needs to be tied to any real world holiday, especially because players tend to have things to do in the real world during real world holidays.
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