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Re: Tips for a Newbie
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I'd like to know how MathematicalTea is doing. Update please!
I'm doing well, thank you. I haven't had as much time to play now that NaNoWriMo has started, but I'm getting the hang of the game, slowly but surely, and finding it rather enjoyable.

I'm glad! See you in a month!
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Re: Tips for a Newbie
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Backstabs MahematicalTea mid-sentance. "MCB, bitches!". Mic-drops knife.

Glad you're having fun. As Lizzie said, it can't always be "on", and even if it could, that would get exasperating quickly. Sometimes boring is what you need, to recover from excitement and being pulled seven different ways. You'll see some players complain about "boring", but I've come to find myself looking forward to it to contrast the steady stream of excitement I've found. It all depends on where you are, what clan you're in, how you interact, etc. There's no real excuse for finding the game "Boring" beyond maybe, as Lizzie said, you roll up a boring PC, it can happen. That's not to say you're a bad player if you do, but largely, there are opportunities out there just waiting for you to show even a faint interest before scooping you up into something unbelievably intense.

Sure, if you're spending your time boxxing lizards while carrying bags of rocks hoping for that skill up, it's going to be boring. Thankfully, the choice to do so or not do so is entirely up to you.

EDIT: Keep in mind, if you're carrying sacks of rocks and boxing lizards, staff may bring you a realistic response in the form of a dwarven raider obsessed with big rocks, so, ymmv
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Re: Tips for a Newbie
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not only that but boxing with bags of rocks doesn't work. at all.
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