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10K BC Revived (Tribe Creation, FAQ, and OOC)
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Choose from one of three tribal architects and live through endurance of the world around you, and survive in a time where humans were not even close to the top of the food chain. You only have one chance to live, therefore, only one chance to give us an estimate of who the hell we evolved from.

What kinds of events will I expect to happen?

There are three different events which can occur: Global, regional and focused events.

Global -- Meant to change the entire board, affects all tribes.

Regional -- Multiple tribes will be affected within a specific area (i.e.: All coastal tribes, all tribes residing in X area, etc.)

Focused -- Occurs on single or paired tribes. Mostly relates to relationships between other tribes.

An event can either be spasmodic or long-term. A spasmodic event happens randomly, like a solar eclipse for example. A long-term event means that it will go on over multiple turn cycles.

How do I start in the game? How do I advance from there?

Your three options for tribes are Nomadic, Semi-Nomadic, and Settled.

-Starts with 5,000 tribal members and five territories
-1,500 members needed to add an additional territory to their total. *
-Population gain to lose ratio is 750 gained to 1,000 lost. **
-Has the ability to sacrifice one territory to gain another. Can happen once per turn cycle.

-Starts with 7,000 tribal members and seven territories.
-2,000 members needed to add an additional territory to their total. *
-Population gain to lose ratio is 750 gained to 1,000 lost. **
-Has the ability to move all owned territories to another set of vacant territories, via a Great Migration. The player must wait X amount of turn cycles to play this move, where X is the amount of territories owned by the player at the moment. Must wait to do this move from the start.

-Starts with 10,000 tribal members and ten territories.
-3,000 additional members needed to add a territory to their total *
-Population gain to lose ratio is 1,000 gained to 2,000 lost. **
-Can only move via expansion.

* Territories can be added only when you gain this number on top of your starting amount (i.e.: A Nomadic Tribe can have 6 territories, once they reach 6,500 in population).

** These are the maximum amounts of population you can gain or lose per turn cycle.

So I decided to become a Nomad/Semi-Nomad. Is there anything I should know about travelling?

The crossing to the new lands will be hard to cope with, as there will be threats along the way that may hinder your travels. In the case of Semi-Nomads, where they hold Great Migrations, it's best that you prepare your tribe with the proper equipment and preparation before doing such a drastic move. The movement of your tribe must be realistic; all your territories must be attached to one another upon movement.

There's a difference between tribal expansion and travelling. Tribal expansion is where you claim an extra territory without the sacrifice of one you currently own. Travelling is where you sacrifice one territory to gain another vacant territory.

How does the turn-based aspect of the game play a role?

You only have to post one per turn cycle and that's it. Once everyone else plays their turn, the cycle ends and you post your second turn. How cool and simple is that?

You can make one technological advancement per turn. In the case of Nomadic tribes, you are also allowed one territory movement (travel) per turn. Eventually, you can also make attack moves or expansion moves when applicable. Each turn cycle is equivalent to twenty years in the game world. Feel free to also add some shizzle to what's happening within the tribe, and it's also advised to make a tl;dr of your turn if possible.

For Nomads and Semi-Nomads, please send an image on an image hoster of where you would like to make your movement.

Technological advance will be determined by the type of nation you play, recent events, and lastly, whether the technologies will be granted or not (Remember, in 10,000 BC, everything was primitive). If your tribe shares a border with another tribe, and are allied, you may choose to share technologies on the same turn, meaning you can invent two technologies for each others' tribes in one turn!

As my own personal kindness, each tribe will automatically start with the following:
-Language (Tribal, not universal)
-Fire making
-Decent survival knowledge
-Basic clothing (Unworked pelt and skin)
-Basic tools (Tools are built as tools, nothing more)
-Basic hunting and gathering skills
-Basic weaponry (Rocks and pointy sticks. No advanced weapons until you advance your technology.)
-Drawing skills

Oh crap, I missed out on joining in. What now?

If you wish to start at a later point of the game, you may start with free technologies equal to the amount of cycles already gone by, minus one.

How do tribal conflicts/wars work?

Only a quarter of your tribe population may participate against an opposing tribe, so if you have 10,000 tribal members and you have a problem with those Oobs just across the way, you can send in a mass of 2,500 maximum to attack. Just because you sent 2,500 of your tribe members to war doesn't mean you still get to keep your regions; some of those regions'll have to go until war time is over.

Once you can no longer send at least 500 of your members to war, you can no longer attack, and you are no longer able to defend yourselves against other players. In the case of Nomads and Semi-Nomads, you must also sacrifice any travel move when you do an attack.

If you are about to attack another tribe, don't post about it in your turn. Please send me a message about who you're attacking, and with what force. Battle results will be PM'd to each participating player at the end of the turn cycle.

What happens if my tribe is about to die off?

When your tribe's population reaches under 500 members, your tribe is Set for Extinction. When this happens, you must create a Last Breath Decision. This special move allows for you to have one last chance to attempt to save your tribe, and can only be done once per game. The ratio of success is dependent on the GM. If you succeed, your tribe will gain a triple population boost. If your Last Breath Decision yearns negative results, your tribe will become Extinct.

When your tribe is declared as Extinct, you are out of the game FOR GOOD.

Is there an example of posting a turn that I can work with for the real game?


The Oobs
The tribal leader, Ooba Shagga, looks over his people with a detest. There must be a way, some way, a better way to lead his people. He gestures for his most intelligent hunters and gatheres, and after hearing their words, he comes with an idea. By sharpening a stone and wrapping it around a thick branch, he thwacks it at a sapling. Three, four, five times, and eventually, it falls down. The hunters that day also employed this new multipurpose tool throughout their latest trips, with a visible effect.

Tl;dr: The Oogas invented multipurpose hand axes.

How do I win the damn game?

1. Win 15 total territories for your tribe, and keep those territories for two consecutive turn cycles.

2. Eliminate all other tribes (Extremely difficult to accomplish).

3. Be the healthiest tribe standing by 9,800 B.C.. Each turn cycle is equal to 20 years, therefore you have 10 turn cycles to win by this method.

The Application (Post here please)
Name of the tribe:
Background, culture and looks:
Religion*: (Please use simple religions)
Any certain rituals*: (May be as complex as you would like)
Political System: Tribal leader (Leave as tribal leader, you may change this as you advance)
Nomadic, Semi-Nomadic or Settled Tribe:
Map placement: (Mark out on the blank map and upload it onto a image hoster.)



(High-res link here.)

The map will be updated as we get more players signing up. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.

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Re: 10K BC Revived (Tribe Creation, FAQ, and OOC)
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Greek-esque culture revering superiority as the ideal for which to strive. They pull resources from the fertile lands and sea European-Mediterranian looks of fair to olive skin, dark or grey hair, blue or brown eyes.

Religion: Stone-Age origins of Ancient Greece, sans Egyptian Influence. The Straton worship great characters of men and women who ascended to Deity status in the heavens. Characters depicting strength, intelligence, fertility are most widely worshiped.

Any certain rituals: Agoge: At the age of seven, Straton boys are removed from their parents’ homes to begin the “agoge,” a tribe-sponsored training regimen designed to mold them into skilled warriors and moral citizens. Separated from their families and housed in communal barracks, the young warriors are instructed in scholastics, warfare, stealth, hunting and athletics. At age twelve, Straton boys are deprived of all clothing save for a red cloak and forced to sleep outside and make their own beds from reeds. To ready them for a life in the field, the boy warriors are also encouraged to scavenge, hunt, and steal their food, though if detected they are punished with floggings.

Disposal of Ill-born infants.

Reverence of stature of the most-fertile, productive Straton women.

Reverence of battle. Surrender is the ultimate disgrace.

Political System: Tribal leader (Leave as tribal leader, you may change as you advance)
Settled Tribe
Map placement:

Requesting map color Crimson or just Red.
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Re: 10K BC Revived (Tribe Creation, FAQ, and OOC)
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Dhaka (The People)

A coastal, homogeneous people, the Dhaka are so alike that to an outsider all their men appear similar and all their women could be from the same mother.  They believe they are the children of the sky and the earth, pointing to their universal trait of patterned skin as obvious evidence of that union (vitiligo).  They extol patience when on the hunt, using ambush, traps and camouflage to take advantage of their distorted pigmentation.  They are a deliberate people, preferring to delay making decisions in favor of waiting for "the right moment to strike."

The Dhaka are believers in "essence," some nebulous something that exists in every thing and every moment.  The birth of a child and death of an elder, a successful hunt or a forest fire, all generate some type of defining characteristic essence that they believe can be gathered and used.  It is thought that their ancestors leave some of their essence after death and gather the skulls of the wisest of each generation which they bring together and through communal song, dance and the aid of mind altering means they pick apart the common thread in their various hallucinations and dreams for inspiration, then determine the best course of action after interpretation.

Political System
Tribal Leaders

Settlement Type

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Re: 10K BC Revived (Tribe Creation, FAQ, and OOC)
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Both of you are accepted! Pale Horse, your color is gunna be BLUE. Melkor, your color will be RED.


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Re: 10K BC Revived (Tribe Creation, FAQ, and OOC)
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I'll update the map once we reach the six player requirement. Please note that you can't apply to have the same territories an already accepted tribe has selected for themselves.


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Re: 10K BC Revived (Tribe Creation, FAQ, and OOC)
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Bumping this to call on any interests. We need more tribes.


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Re: 10K BC Revived (Tribe Creation, FAQ, and OOC)
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Hi! What actually is this actually?


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Re: 10K BC Revived (Tribe Creation, FAQ, and OOC)
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Hi! What actually is this actually?

The tl;dr is this game is similar to Civilization. You start out with a tribe that you select, and your objective is to outlast or outbeat all other tribes. There'll be conflicts with other players, events, environmental dangers, and other stuff like that.

If you or anyone else want to see how this game is played out, you may search up the previous game of 10,000 BC that was held on the forums (IC Thread).


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Re: 10K BC Revived (Tribe Creation, FAQ, and OOC)
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For anyone who wants to know how the game plays out, click here.

EDIT: Many of the rules have changed in this newer version of 10,000 BC I've made to make things more simplified and less wordy.
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