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Re: Crafting Difficulty
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Moderated some posts that were misleading or outright wrong.
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Re: Crafting Difficulty
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Sometimes when my crafters have twenty or more ingame years worth of experience, and their skills cannot be improved, and they use the appropriate tools, and they've donated to the appropriate Templars for superstitious favours, breaking items (while making items) multiple times during a crafting session, breaks my immersion. Otherwise, I don't have any crafting difficulties, which kind of makes me think that the difficulty is just me.
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Re: Crafting Difficulty
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I once was having this issue(LONG AGO! Like about 2010ish) and Morg discovered my skills was so high that the tools I was using was rolling my skill OVER the max and back down to base. I -assume- this was something fixed after that and you couldn't use tools to roll it over anymore as I never had a problem after that, but it may have just been that those particular items were marked to help too much? Dunno.
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