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Hugh Hefner Dead
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Re: Hugh Hefner Dead
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One of the early-era mansion Bunnies was a waitress in a local luncheonette in my town. She worked there for years til it closed and was bought out by new owners. She was a really lovely lady - was in her early 60's I believe, when I met her. I only knew because I asked about the bunny pendant she had hanging from a chain on her neck. She briefly mentioned fond memories of the Mansion and her time there. She was very articulate, and I got the feeling that she worked at the luncheonette just to keep busy, like she could afford to not "work for a living" if she didn't want to.
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Re: Hugh Hefner Dead
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He probably never recovered from the heart attack he must've had when his most recent wife went brunette.

(It's a joke. He vastly prefers blondes.)

Anyway, he was a charitable, giving guy, and even though his sort of lifestyle isn't one I'd choose for myself, everyone who was ever around him genuinely seemed to have loved him. So, RIP, Hugh.
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Re: Hugh Hefner Dead
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He also advocated black women's rights at a time (1960ies?) when segregation laws were still in effect, so I respect him for that.


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Re: Hugh Hefner Dead
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Hef liked him some dark chocolate from time to time. ;)

The man was a pioneer, and he changed the course of human sexuality. (imo, for the better)

Almost every man who experienced adolescence pre-internet (and some after) has fond memories of those crisp, glossy pages and the beautiful women within. 

Hef was the man to which every hedonist looked for inspiration and with admiration.

It could never be said that his life was unfulfilled.
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Re: Hugh Hefner Dead
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Not to mention Playboy's pictures tended to be more tasteful, artistic, and respectful of the model than some magazines at the time. The articles were pretty fascinating too.
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Re: Hugh Hefner Dead
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I think I just accidentally reported Lizzie's post to the moderators when trying to thumb scroll.  Not intentional.
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Re: Hugh Hefner Dead
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Good riddance.


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Re: Hugh Hefner Dead
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One of the few hedonists to make a wildly successful career out of it, and earn widespread respect while doing so.  His little patch of heaven on earth isn't how I'd imagine mine, but the dude did some good in the world while having a great time.

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