Author Topic: Is self-insertion acceptable?  (Read 2042 times)


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Re: Is self-insertion acceptable?
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I have a few roleplaying ideas that are directly based on my real life, though I haven't implemented them yet.  mostly I base it on a character from whatever book I happen to be reading at chargen.
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Re: Is self-insertion acceptable?
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I like to make myself in the game every now and again.

I almost always die quickly.
You have never had the urge to kill yourself, before now.

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Re: Is self-insertion acceptable?
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We're many things at once. Good actors have the ability to harness whatever emotion they are trying to project to extract an emotional response from their audience. That's what roleplaying is, acting without getting paid, for the enjoyment of it. Because of that, because there is an evil sado-masochist addict hedonist opportunist murderer in ALL of us and Armageddon creates a world where this is normal we can let that side of us out.

You're playing how YOU think this character would be given the story YOU wrote for him. You're letting your demons out. Eventually they'll all be out. Or will they?
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