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Gladiators - how the heck do we treat them?
« on: August 10, 2017, 10:54:46 PM »
I think that a lot of people still aren't real sure how to treat and view gladiators. They are new and still being worked out. They also add a pretty neat element to Allanaki culture, imo.

There is a neat helpfile up for them now that I would like to point out to anyone who missed it!

Allanaki Gladiators are the pinnacle of southern entertainment. They occupy a singular niche in society. As slaves they have no access to sid or travel. Their lives are contained within the city. They have no families and no choices.

Yet, they are hailed and admired by the populace, both commoner and noble. The heroes of the city, many will give them gifts. They do not have to pay for their meals or drinks in most establishments in the city. They are given gifts from the poorest of commoner to the richest of noble and everywhere in between. It isn't uncommon for even a rival House to still favor a particular Gladiator and bestow them gifts or favors. Some believe that buying a gladiator a gift is not just an opportunity to rub elbows with greatness, but a way to gain good luck.

Gladiators are owned by someone. Their ownership is typically displayed on the collar that they wear. They are extremely valuable slaves and as such are highly prized House possessions. The owner and slave can affect one another's prestige and while all Gladiators are treated as stars this can still affect just how much people fawn over them. For example, the same Gladiator owned by a Merchant House would gather even more fans if they were sold to a Noble House. Also, a winning Gladiator can bring favor to a House but a losing one (one that does not have the favor of the crowds) may bring gossip or dishonor. A well-received slave, especially one that wins their matches, can do much for their owner’s image.

As with all slaves, the citizens of Allanak (both noble and common) would treat these possessions appropriately. It is not typical for other Highborn to harass or order around a House's slaves and, based on the slave's function, could be seen as a slight against that House just as it would be to harass the House's wagons or other possessions. It isn't simply impolite but it shows poor social etiquette.

Gladiators are one of the only common castes that have the option of dressing head to toe in silks. Or not dressing at all, head to toe. If a Gladiator's clothes don’t match (silk or otherwise), if they're wearing more bling than is really tasteful, or they are not keeping with the current Allanaki trends...that is A-OK. They are stars and everyone overlooks such things!

Many would love to test themselves against the gladiators. However the gladiators are slaves and not permitted to tussle with free people. Commoners refrain from striking gladiators, as to hit someone else's expensive property could cost them a limb or a life.

For the houses of Allanak few exterior influences carry as much cache as owning a champion gladiator.
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Re: Gladiators - how the heck do we treat them?
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That is really lovely!
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Re: Gladiators - how the heck do we treat them?
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Thanks for bringing light to this one for folks. It can be easily missed and the help file sheds light on the subject for those who are still trying to figure it out.
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Re: Gladiators - how the heck do we treat them?
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I assume any Gladiators that are renowned enough to be left to their own devices in the city are basically the pop/rock stars of our world.

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Re: Gladiators - how the heck do we treat them?
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So it's basically Justin Bieber or Denis Rodman with the proviso that every once in a while you get to go into the arena and shout for their death and blood!
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Re: Gladiators - how the heck do we treat them?
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So, essentially:


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Re: Gladiators - how the heck do we treat them?
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this is a tricky role, and the players who are doing it deserve mad props.
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Re: Gladiators - how the heck do we treat them?
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Thank you for highlighting this.
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