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Ok, here are some questions for clarification.  I took a bit of a break just when the new tablet code went in.
 I've read that long thread on it, but I'm still a bit confused.

Definitions.  Old System is the system using tints and the brew command.  New System is the system using taste/smell and the craft command.

All examples are MADE UP.

1. Is the plantlore between the old and new system the same?  So, for instance, having played a Dasari, there was a lot of plant lore that had things like 'menelli' is useful against the effects of bloodburn.  Can I assume that on the new system 'menelli' would also be useful against bloodburn (provided my PC would have that knowledge in the first place)?

2. Is the tablet-color lore the same between the old and new system?  So, for instance, we used to say: use the red tablet to cure skellebaine.  Can I assue that on the new system red tablets are cures for skllebaine (provided my PC would have that knowledge in the first place)?

3. If the answer is 'no' on either of them, should we be RPing (with lessons) teaching people the new or old system?  Or is there no preference?
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Re: Cures!
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1.  No.  Much of the IC information players created was based on the way the system worked.  It now works differently.

2.  No.  Players can, to an extent, determine the color of the tablet based on the tint.  Which is different from what determines what a tablet cures.

3.  If your character was played during the old system, you can contact us and we can work out how much your character would know.  If your character did not exist during that time, there is no IC basis (unless you are someone with access to books detailing outdated information) for using the old system.