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For me, I'd rather not see "villains" at all but instead, antagonists. A villain, to me, is a cartoon construct. Not believable at all, and I try to avoid dealing with those when I come across them in the game.

An antagonist though - Hasan is a good example of that. So was Quick. Compare to LoTR Gollum/Smeagle. Smeagle wasn't a villain. He was an antagonist with a tragic story that led to his place in the world. A good antagonist will have *something* about him/her that makes you wish you could like them. Or feel sorry for them even while chasing after them in the desert. Or being chased and hunted down by them. Maybe you think - why is he so horrible - he's SO charismatic and clever if he wasn't so corrupt I'd totally hit it. Or maybe someone who is SOOOO corrupt, that they corrupt your PC instead and create a sense of self-loathing in your character. THAT - to me - is a good antagonist.

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