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Allanak RPT: Elemental War (Sunday July 23rd 7pm server)
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The rumormongers in the city of Allanak are buzzing about a new card game being played at a certain time in a certain place. Look IC for more details!

Wanna know how to play? Wonder no more! (Lord knows I'll have to explain it IC, but this will make the process go more smoothly, I hope):

The four ranks in the Kruth deck can be said to represent the four major elements (Water - Vividuan, Sun - Krathi, Stone - Rukkian, Wind - Whiran). The Six Ranks (Life, Truth, Fate, Kings, Deceit, and Death) are taken to be the 'moods' for the spells cast.

"Vivaduans have it so easy." - An amused Rukkian watching a water mage stuff his face before sitting down to share a meal with his friend.
The Player can heal themselves or another player of 1 LIFE POINT. Water Element cards can be used on anyone, but other the elemental cards can only be used on their respective defenders.

"But is that really all you took away from that?" - A group of bemused mages staring at a happy-go-lucky, oblivious Elkrosian.
The player may use this card to force a player of the indicated element to REVEAL their cards to the GROUP, but not discard them. OR they may require that the Watcher show the player (and that player alone) what the next card in the DRAW PILE will be.

"Karma is a female gortok." - A Whiran tossing a jade-marked soldier into a canyon stuffed with gith.
The player who casts down the card of Fate will DUEL the mage of the element indicated, a roll of the dice determining who will prevail and who will lose a LIFE POINT in the clash.

KINGS rule over ALL.
"This isn't how you make bread? Shit. I knew I was missing some steps." - A Krathi scorching a fertile field to ash.
While the KINGS power is in effect for whichever element is dominant, set the card to the side of the table. All benefits and abilities resolved by that element are doubled in effect after resolution until the card's effect is replaced or it comes back around to the player's turn who initially laid down the card. (ie: 2 life points on a successful heal, two revealed cards, 2 life point losses, etc)

NOTE: If no one clears the KING card from the field before it comes back around to the player's turn who initially cast it onto the field before it resolves to the discard pile, it will allow that player to cast two spells from their hand on the round it resolves. It is detrimental to everyone to allow a King to entrench on the field.

"Kindness is so often cruelty." - A Vivaduan as they heal a gladiator being sent to fight a Gaj.
Playing this card, you can draw two cards instead of one on your turn and even if it brings your hand to FIVE, you can keep that extra card until your turn comes around again. OR you can force someone ELSE at the table of the element on the Deceit Card to draw as if you'd slipped them an extra card. They MUST discard a card that is NOT the one that they were just dealt. By necessity, that means that the card that gets dealt to them by the Watcher is FACE UP to ensure that the card they discard is not the same card that they are handed. This forces a double reveal as they must discard face up.

NOTE: In conjunction with a King Card, this will force two cards to be dealt to the targeted player FACE UP and two cards that they are currently holding to be discarded.

DEATH comes equally for ALL.
"Who lets a little something like grave rot get in the way of a night out?" - A Nilazi holding a dress up in front of a corpse.
The player using this card can play it against ANYONE at the table they desire to, taking away 1 LIFE POINT from an opponent. OR they may choose to finger through the DISCARD PILE and pluck one of the FACE UP cards on the table and place it into their hand IF they have less than 4 cards in their hand. They may NOT discard to perform this action. When a death card is used to dig through the DISCARD PILE, it MUST be discarded FACE DOWN (junked).


Everyone starts with 10 LIFE POINTS sometimes represented by tokens of some sort with a buy in that varies from game to game depending on how much the pot size will be.

Cards are dealt from the DRAW PILE by the WATCHER, who is also the game's Witness and Arbitrator.

All cards, when played, go FACE UP into the DISCARD PILE in the center of the table.

When the game begins, each player will be dealt three cards. No player may have more than four cards in their hand at any time unless special rules permit.

You declare your element (Wind, Sun, Stone, and Water) at the beginning of the game and that is the suit that you will defend (and that will effect you).

When a player's turn comes around, they have the option to PLAY a card in their hand or DRAW a card.

If DRAWING a card causes the number of cards in a player's hands to exceed four, they must DISCARD a card from their hand into the discard pile, face up onto the table.

A player can choose to play a card in their hand either on themselves OR on another player at the table.

When a player's LIFE POINTS are at ZERO, they are out of the game.

When all cards are gone from the DRAW PILE, players will continue to go around the table until their cards are gone from their hands. If the cards left are unplayable, it will come down to DUELS by dice or the pot will be split between remaining players at the Watcher's discretion.

The Watcher's Word is the FINAL SAY in all debates!

Disclaimer: This is the first run of this game. Do NOT kill me (OOCLY, heh) if there are bumps! We'll all work it out together and hopefully have fun. ;D Hope to see you nerds there.

edit: Cleaned up the formatting just a little and made a correction or two.
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Re: Allanak RPT: Elemental War (Sunday July 23rd 7pm server)
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I highly recommend getting in on this if you've got the right credentials!  (find out IC)

Sprinkles is a ton of fun to play with  ;D
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Re: Allanak RPT: Elemental War (Sunday July 23rd 7pm server)
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(winces) Actually, sorry folks. This may or may not happen due to IC factors. Check IG.
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Re: Allanak RPT: Elemental War (Sunday September 17th 7pm server)
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Second Time's a 'Charm'. (or something like that)

Check IC boards for details. This starts in two hours.
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