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I like the idea of randomly catching a way message to someone else. Nothing skillbased, just a random thing. Make it a tiny chance that any player just gets someone's psi message if they're in the same room. Sort of like you're walking down the street and you just happen to overhear something funny, scary or weird. Sometimes it's just random noise, sometimes it's really something likewise that a character could use.

To put it in game context, let's say Joe Grebber is sitting in a crowded Gaj drinking his ale. Randomly he gets someone's way like

 "Look at her shoes!"

 " Amos, no one can know about this. "

 "I think Joe is about to leave, get ready outside the gates."

 Could be anything, whatever the pc's in the room are waying. I think that could be a very interesting thing both plotwise and for rp in general.
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