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Standardizing Assess -v <item>
« on: June 08, 2017, 06:26:07 PM »
There are alot of interesting tools in the game. I've had to look up the names of some, and try to figure out what they do for hits at what skill they might help with but its not always successful. I don't know why somethings are straight forward while others are more vague. If you assess something and you have the skill, it should really be obvious that a tool helps you with that particular skill. This looks like it would help with <actual skill name>.  If it helps with more than one skill, it should list the skills.

I would not only like to see this with tools but also items. I know some items are pretty obvious based on desc or naming convention but some are not, and it shouldn't have to be. Assessing a pair of boots that help with a certain skill should tell you what they help with.
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Re: Standardizing Assess -v <item>
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While transparency is an admirable goal, and one the code has been moving towards the last few years, this would be problematic for the level of detail being asked for.  Namely because the item database has a lot of values that wouldn't translate well into 'assess -v' the way things like "What type of tool is this?" or "What material is this made of?" do.  The reason being legacy issues that have required using values for things they weren't designed for.  When the details aren't exposed to the players it is fine - when exposed to players it would likely be even more confusing.

Still, we have been updating assess when a fair number of code releases (bandage, brew-to-craft conversion, arrow quality, and so on).
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