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Capacity/Weight/Volume pt 2
« on: May 16, 2017, 09:11:34 PM »
Thanks for giving an answer to my previous question, Nergal.
The answer's complicated, and the situation is based on a number of factors. But it suffices to say that if you can't fit something into a container, there is either:
1) No room for it in the container
2) No room for it in the room the container is in

Unfortunately, the majority of the time when I come across this issue, the reasons you stated don't really apply, so I'm still a little confused/frustrated about the whole thing. 

It's more along the lines of me having a pouch with three things in it. 
The pouch and it's contents won't fit in a bag that's less than half full, even though assessing the items implies there is plenty of space to spare. 
If I take the three things out of the pouch and put them plus the empty pouch in the bag on their own, it's all good.  The bag is actually still less than half full. 
It's not really a case of no room in the container, or no room in the room.  It's a code issue with putting containers into containers, I think? 

Anyhow, when the issue isn't actually because of 1 or 2 stated above, and it's a containter-in-container problem, is that something I should go ahead and bug/send a request about?
If it's a part of the code that is just jinkety-janked and it's never actually going to be fixed (or it can't be fixed), I don't want to muck up the request tool or waste anyone's time with useless requests.


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Re: Capacity/Weight/Volume pt 2
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2017, 10:12:46 PM »
It would help to put in a bug request in this situation.

If possible, list the sdescs of all the items you're trying to fit together and getting an issue. In your scenario, this would be: the bag, the pouch, everything in the bag, and everything in the pouch.

That way we can either address the situation as a bug, or better explain why this is happening.