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Required Roles
« on: May 07, 2017, 09:27:04 PM »
Would the staff consider curating a basic list of "filler" roles for the game that are needed in a general aspect to color the world, and changes depending on ongoing plots? This might be a stickied forum post, or a regular notice on the login screen.

For example: staff want to see a certain vNPC population brought to life, like beggars, to characterize a plot; or there needs to be an increase in bandits in the wilderness. Players who are at a loss with what to play or would like to just roll something up for fun, could fill these roles for short periods of time.

Benefits: players who feel they don't know what to play, or veteran players who don't have heaps of time, could fill these roles to contribute to the game world in a way that could help further plots and color the world.

Roles could include:

Religious fanatics
Dwarves/City Elves in general