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Re: Gardening/Horticulture/Agriculture Thread
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Some of the BEST shit that has ever happened to me, Boog, is some shit I wanted desperately that I didn't get.

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Re: Gardening/Horticulture/Agriculture Thread
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Sorry to hear it Boog.  But maybe what you find next will be even better!  I'd keep looking if I was you instead of waiting for spring.  It'd sure be nice to put some work in on your garden space before winter, for instance.  Also nice to have the winter to get your unpacking and cleaning and setting up done when you don't have to worry about outdoor chores.  If you can find something you like anyway!


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Re: Gardening/Horticulture/Agriculture Thread
« Reply #1152 on: March 02, 2019, 02:10:24 PM »
Thought I'd resurrect this thread because after a gloomy wet winter with record-setting flooding, I'm seriously ready to discuss growing things!

How have you farmerly folks been doing?

Our little homestead has been growing.  We have 12 breeding rabbits, 10 free-ranging laying hens with a rooster, 12 coturnix quail, 10 free-ranging guinea fowl who crack me up daily, 4 meat hen breeders with a fat roo and 4 little fluffy babies, and 6 very cute ducklings we picked up Friday.  I think after adding a turkey program I will be finished with birds!

We have managed to train the guinea fowl to come home to a coop every night to roost, even though it is not their nature to do so.  Two nights they decided not to come, and I was concerned they'd just go off in the woods never to be seen again.  But I realized the wind had been blowing steadily hard those two days and we had hung up windchimes, so we took those down and guess what?  They came home the next night.

Plans for the coming year are to improve the enclosures for the animals we have and work on the fencing so we can add bigger animals.  I'd like to have a couple of beef.  We have a bunch of electric fence wiring and an energizer, it's just getting the free time and enthusiasm to occur simultaneously.

The cabin is coming right along. We have the flooring down in half of it, no more walking around on the floor sheathing.  And we have a closet and a big bedroom, 12x16, with a big 6' sliding glass door looking out to the east.  It's neat to wake up and lay there looking out.  The library/guest room is on hold until we can make up for my miscalculation on how much ceiling insulation we needed.

I don't know if we'll garden this year.  I think not, now, but when the sun is shining and the air starts getting warm, and the plants are out, it's hard not to pick some up!

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Re: Gardening/Horticulture/Agriculture Thread
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I do not plan on much garden this year, as it takes up too much time I need for building.

Will be adding more trees, likely at least 2 more figs as they did very well last year, 4 more apples and 2 of something to be decided. (maybe pecan)

Likely I will plant some fire and forget plants, melons/squash possible tomatos. Horse radish came through winter alright so I should be able to actually harvest some this fall without hurting them.

Getting incubators cleaned and ready to go, ducks have started laying again, chickens as well. Pulled 17 chicken and 4 duck eggs today...woot.

Not worried about larger meat animals this year as I did VERY well during hunting with deer and geese and could still get turkey...but if so I will have to preserve them in a manner other then freezing as all the freezers are full. So full I have 5 chickens overdue for harvest and around 15 rabbits.

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Re: Gardening/Horticulture/Agriculture Thread
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Good job filling your freezer!

It's easy to get behind on your butchering, especially with rabbits.  I always hate that because you have to whittle all the way while skinning an adult rabbit and the skin just shucks off like a sock (almost) with the young ones.  I recently butchered out 12 adults to make room for some better breeding stock and what a chore that was.

We make our own dogfood and that's where most our meat goes.  Our Gordon Setter gets 20 oz of meat a day mixed with 20 oz of a vegetable mix (sweet potatoes, carrots, russet potatoes, red or black beans, spinach, pumpkin, broth, and various organ meats).  I'd like to eventually grow all of what goes into it.


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Re: Gardening/Horticulture/Agriculture Thread
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I wonder what its like to live off the grid or almost so. The television shows obviously don't come close to the real experience.

After a near-year of few eggs, we are piling them on these last couple of months. However, there's a lot of wild stuff in the woods that feeds on chickens and baby chicks alike, although the latter obviously go faster. We started out with some hens and three males that our dogcatcher neighbor found--- they were making a living off of terrorizing some other rural neighborhood--- and we turned them into relatively civilized, egg-laying machines. Its tricky to find some of the eggs, though, is the only thing. They live around our house, but the second generation really added to their numbers, which means a lot of them live in the woods and only come in to eat some corn scratch.

There's a third generation on the rise--- one mother has one baby, and the other has about eight, although she began from eleven a few days ago. However, that's normal here, and everything in the woods knows we have chickens by now. I don't blame them, chicken is my favorite meat. We don't eat them ourselves--- if we did, there'd be none left. There's less than nine or ten of the original generation now, from a stock of a grown dozen. About two-thirds of the baby chicks don't make it to adulthood, if that many. The ones that stick around the property the most are the luckiest.

We no longer grow things here, since the chickens would devour them. We have the sort of area where there are patches of crops around in random good spots and each patch is known to belong to a certain household. The patch we have down the road near the goat pen, we are thinking of doing okra this year. Might have to do iron clay peas next year, in order to replenish the soil.

We get some of our water from the water table underneath the ground---- this household uses it for watering the pigs and any crops or flowers that we (used to) have. I know one guy showers with it, and another house far from the others is technically off the grid with their water and uses only the ground water for everything. I'm pretty sure we get town water under this roof, but I could be wrong. Its good water here, you can drink it and its clean.
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Re: Gardening/Horticulture/Agriculture Thread
« Reply #1156 on: March 07, 2019, 12:52:57 PM »
I'll be too busy to do much in the garden this spring but I am going to prep my garden space anyway, and plant pole beans and marigolds. Anything else I like to grow seems to succumb to powdery mildew in these hot wet GA summers. Fortunately pole beans and marigolds more or less take care of themselves provided a minimum effort of pest control & watchfulness.

My indoor plants are doing amazing though... my dendrobium is about to bloom in a month or so, my phalaenopsis is putting out new leaves. I have them clustered together with all my other plants and spritz them to keep the humidity up. I have a purple wandering jew cutting that's grown into a full-fledged plant, and several baby succulents I'm growing from leaves I took from my job (shhhh don't tell, they fell off so they would have been trash anyway). I split my jade plant into three babies in the same pot and all are doing well. My aloe plant keeps making so many pups I've run out of windowspace to grow them and have to kill them instead. I can't even get rid of the babies I grew. Does anyone want a free aloe plant? Sorry babies. I have so many other plants I'm not going to list them, the only one that looks sick is oddly enough my zz plant, which is supposed to be the toughest of the tough. One stalk looks like it might have mild chlorosis on the leaves? I'll figure it out.
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