Author Topic: A Discussion on How to Improve Player Retention and Player/Staff Relations  (Read 9623 times)


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Lizzie and Armaddict, you two have been around long enough not to argue with Synthesis in good faith.  Synthesis never bothers to argue in good faith, so you're putting forth a lot of effort for no real gain.

Anyway, staff and players trusting each other (and actually both being worthy of that trust) would go a long way toward making the game a better place to be.

How, exactly, am I "not arguing in good faith?"

At the very beginning of the thread, I listed the problems as I see them, and solutions that I think would alleviate those problems.

If that's not "good faith," well...I think you may not understand what arguing in good faith actually means.
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I'm going to lock this thread now as well.

The GDB could do with some recognition of the following points:
1) The GDB is a harsh and, frankly, toxic community when unmoderated.
   1A) A lot of this has to do with the difficulty to see tone in text, and the lack of immediacy in the conversation.
2) Live discussions, and by extension voice chats, seem to be far calmer.
   2A) The Discord channel set up for the upcoming player-staff meeting has demonstrated this so far.
3) It's difficult to trust arguments when they are formed in bad faith, apparent self-interest, etc.
   3A) Argue for what you think is best for the game, not what you, personally, think is the most fun for you. Sometimes this overlaps, sometimes it doesn't.
   3B) Don't tank forum polls with clan forum alts. That's just embarrassing to see.
   3C) This goes for both staff and players.