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Re: Gladiators
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There will be rolecalls. This role will not require karma to play. (But yeah, I think an ability to handle the role will be weighed.)


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Re: Gladiators
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Ah, alright. Well, here's hoping I won't have a character when the next role call comes around! Or at least not one I'm too invested in.
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Re: Gladiators
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I just want to chime and and say that this looks awesome. I have played gladiators, combat slaves, and non-combat slaves and I am ecstatic to see this sort of thing come back. I hope that this leads to perhaps one day making slave roles viable again as well but even if not...jump on this, folks! Being a slave in Zalanthas isn't doom and gloom like many would have you believe. Zalanthas slaves are like commoners...but better! They know they have food, water, shelter, and perhaps even luxurious other commoners will never know.

One of my favorite all time roles was a Byn slave many years ago (who actually became a Sergeant)!

But I digress so back on track - the way that the staff are describing these gladiators sounds like tons of fun so don't miss your chance! I can't wait to interact with them on some level.

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Re: Gladiators
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I was wondering something else about gladiators. Is every single gladiator bred in Allanak, or are some of the gladiators made as non-bred (i.e.: Captured)?